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    New Features

    Does Roxio's Creator 2009 support alpha channels?
  2. tihso

    Unable To Convert M2ts Files

    To find out the supported file types go to Help, search for files, supported formats, to see which ones will work. I did not see that format listed. Is it an image or video format? I did some legwork. Try this. http://www.jakeludington.com/camcorder/200...camcorders.html
  3. tihso

    Disc Copier Hangs

    Finally got it working. Not sure if what I did fixed or not but here's what I did. Did a registry clean and then went to my docs and found the file I was trying to select from folder in "Disk Copier". When I clicked on properties it said it opened with "Roxio Creator". I changed it to "DIsk Copier" and tried again. This time when I went to "Disk Copier" and used the drop-down to browse for the image it worked. I don't know. Hell gets ito these things sometimes. tihso
  4. I've been using EMC for several years and have burned hundreds of discs. I just used the Disc Copier yesterday and it was fine but now hangs when I use the dropdown to select image file on my hard drive. I have done a repair and a complete reinstall still no good. Finally I went to the image file in My Documents right clicked on the image file and selected open with Disc Copier and it worked fine from there but still won't work when I try to start it from the application. Have to go to Task Manager and shut the app down. Anyone seen this. Tihso
  5. tihso

    8004520c Error while Encoding movie

    For windows XP SP2: control panel appearance and settings display settings advanced adapter properties driver update driver
  6. tihso

    Gif Loses Transparency

    Everyone, I am using another vendor's product that allows "alpha channels" to do this process now. I really like Roxio EMC but it is an issue I can't deal with at this time. Tihso
  7. tihso

    Black Still

    Sknis, Tried that and burnt another image to disc. Had the same trouble but in another spot in the production. Did a "repair" on EMC9 and that seems to have fixed things. A couple of weeks ago I gutted my 'puter and put in new motherboard, memory and processor. Had to format hard drive and start from scratch. This was the first project I burnt since the reload and all was well until I viewed on the DVD. Thanks for your help. I'll keep all those fixes in the back of my mind for later use. tihso
  8. tihso

    Black Still

    sknis, Thanks tried the virtual drive and it played. Had the black frame as i did on the DVD. The transition before the black frame was just a dissolve. Any ideas?
  9. tihso

    Black Still

    Thanks for the quick reply. I used software rendering. The transition before the black frame is not 3d so should not be an issue. I will try the virtual drive to check.
  10. tihso

    Black Still

    I composed a photoshow with stills in videowave. The show plays fine. Put show in MyDVD and assembled menus and then previewed. Show was fine. Burnt to an image file. Burnt image file to 3 DVD's and 1 frame was black on all discs. What happened? What software can I use to preview the image file to see it before I burn another to disc?
  11. tihso

    Gif Loses Transparency

    Dewey, Have not tried your workaround but as I told Karri...........this has worked before. There is something I am adding to the production that is hosing up the works. I need to find out what that is. First thing I will do is add the gif on the background save and close the production and then reopen. That will prove to me if it is something I am doing to the production after the giff addition that is cauing the issue. I will post what happens. tihso
  12. tihso

    Gif Loses Transparency

    Karri, I edited the pix in Photoshop CS3 Extended. I wanted to use a sinlge person in the pix so I magnetic lasso'd him and put him on a mask. I made the b/g transparent by saving only the mask layer and saved as a png and a gif to try both. Haven't been in the production for a couple of days but I will try to see what is happening. The motion b'g is not solid so I cannot use chroma key. That is what I do on solid color b/g's all the time. The gif has worked for me before on a motion b/g............that is what has me in circles. tihso
  13. tihso

    Gif Loses Transparency

    Karri, I forgot to mention that I had tried a png with the same results suing the same pix. It is very strange. I add the motion b/g and then the gif and play it and it is fine. When I leave to go do other tasks in the production and come back and position on the production where the gif is the transparency is gone. I will try different things to see what causes it and let you know. I just didn't want to re-invent the wheel if someone else had come across it. tihso
  14. tihso

    Gif Loses Transparency

    I am putting a gif image that has an object with a transparent background in Videowave. I am putting it on the overlay track and using a motion background on the video track. All is well at first as you can see the motion background with the overlay. I'll go away from that area working on something else and when I return the transparent background on the overlay has become solid white thus not revealing the motion background. The only way I can get it back is to delete the motion background on the video track and the overlay and re-apply both. (only to have the same issue again) Does anybody know what the hell might be happening? Thanx tihso
  15. tihso

    Motion Background Dj

    Hi everyone. Have not been here for a while. Have a question for any of you Digital Juicers out there. Recently tried to use a DJ motion background on a slide photoshow and noticed after rendering the DJ program in 720x480 (4:3) NTSC that I had bars at the top and bottom of my production(as viewed on TV) after rendering production from Videowave through MyDVD. My stills were fine but the motion background was too small. This was only apparent after burning to an image file and then burning a DVD. Videowave did not show the problem. I thought it was my hz and vz on the TV so tried on a second TV with same results. Changed the DJ resolution to 720x486 and the bars were smaller but still there. The TV safe mask is rather conservative in its application so was not any help. Suggestions?