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  1. Actually I have 3 machines that I use to transfer VHS to DVD. All running win10 X64 Pro. 2 run VHS to DVD, and one doesn't. The one that doesn't also has a problem with Adobe Bridge where image thumbnails are intermittently grayed out.Since none of the solutions given on this thread, I'm thinking the problem is not with drivers or VHS to DVD but a windows problem.
  2. I too have the same problem having done several uninstalls/installs. if I go to convert a VHS, during the recording process, I have no video. But if i record and play back, the video is there. and I can take that video and edit it or work with it in any way i choose. So the video is being recorded. My drivers are right. I have another machine right next to the filing machine and it run Vhs to dvd just fine. I think its a Windows problem ( My system is windows 10 x64 pro) Hope this helps
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    Video window black

    I have the same problem. Did you ever get a fix?