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    What Programs Can Edit Projects Made In 7.5?

    Oh, crap... Vista and 8.1. I wantd to re-process the video for two reasons. 1) I wanted to output in HD. (Does EMC 7.5 even allow that?) 2) I have one working DVD left (others have failures), but so far when I use "VOB2MPG v3" to rip the video and audio off of the disk, I get video, but no audio. Any ideas? Doesn't anyone offer a converter for EMC 7.5 to later versions? Thanks, Mike
  2. mikemolang@rcn.com

    What Programs Can Edit Projects Made In 7.5?

    Looks like I need to find a copy of EMC 7.5. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I made a project in 7.5 that i need to edit and recompile. What versions of products can do this? Thanks! Mike
  4. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Blank Project Screen

    Mine just goes to a bank screen in the project area... Where do I find the option? I do not have the Deluxe version... any idea as to how to get EMC8 Deluxe at this time? Thanks!
  5. mikemolang@rcn.com

    'Add New Unlinked Button' stays grayed

    How do I upgrade my EMC 8 to the Premiere version?
  6. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Dock Settings Greyed Out

    In v7.5 I was able to tell the the software to make the DVD such that it played one track after the other, the result being that it played all of them. Is that what you are trying to do? Are you saying that function no longer exists? Thanks, Mike
  7. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Videowave Preview Missing Sound

    More updates... While my work around works for a bit, eventually the sound dropped out again and I had to dbl-click on a file and play it. Grrrrrrr... Mike
  8. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Videowave Preview Missing Sound

    More info... If I load the files, then go to the last file in the production and double click it, letting it play, then the rest of the files will play without going silent. In fact, I think that it will essentially play through the last file I dbl-clk, regardless of which one. (If that becomes important for someone to trouble shoot the problem, let me know and I will confirm.) HOWEVER I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM... I am getting a brief pause and a noticable click at each transition. This happenes even if I take a clip and use VM8 to split the clip, meaning it is not a problem with the source video. This was not a problem in VM7.5. Can anyone else repeat these problems? Thanks, Mike
  9. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Dock Settings Greyed Out

    In the help files. Mike
  10. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Videowave Preview Missing Sound

    Did more testing... I shut down and restarted VW8, added avi's into a new project, and started preview. Same thing happened... PLayer for a while, but eventaully at a transition to a new scene the audio cut out and does not return unless I monkey around. For instance, if i click on the little 'adjust volume' speaker and then clcik elsewhere (without even changing any settings) sometimes it will come back. Sometimes not. I updated my sound card drivers, no improvement. Very dissapointing. Especially since I have tried to roll back to EMC7.5 and when I do my CD and DVD drives go missing from my computer. Is anyone else having this problem? Mike
  11. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Videowave Preview Missing Sound

    I started creating a video compilation in EMC7.5 Video wave. I added all of the avi files, and trimmed many of them. Since then I moved to EMC8. I load the production in VM8 and everything seems fine, but when I preview it plays the first clip but then after a transistion the sound cuts out. If I monkey around, (dbl click the next avi to edit for instance), the sound plays, and then if I restart the preview I hear more sound, but eventually it cuts out again. I need to experiment more to see if the same problem exists when I create from scratch in EMC7.5, but has anyone aready done the trouble shooting on this? Mike
  12. mikemolang@rcn.com

    Dock Settings Greyed Out

    I can dock the Effect Selector in VideoWave8, but I cannot dock the Media Selector. There is a menu item to dock the effect selector, but not for the media selector. The instructions indicate otherwise. Also, the options for settings and dock settings under View are greyed out. Ideas? Mike