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    Activation, Registration and other Annoyances

    Hi Gary Glad to hear that the Admin bit does work for some as expected. For others it doesn't. 1. I cannot update. 2. I am constantly asked to Register. 3. And I keep getting offers to save $30 by upgrading to v9. But I have v9 !!! 4. I have raised 2 tickets with Roxio but have yet to receive an acknowledgement. I would be pleased to know that mine is a lone voice crying in an otherwise perfect Roxio universe.... but I have some doubts. The product does basically "what it says on the tin" and I have no complaints on that score. This may sound like a big noise about a minor issue, but it is exactly this type of annoyance that turns customers away. It is a competitive world and customer loyalty runs very shallow. Catamaran
  2. Firstly, thanks to "John at Roxio" for the pinned post on Activation. Good information. However, John's perspective is, I assume, the perspective of one on the inside looking out. What is really needed is the group perspective of the many thousands of customers on the outside looking in. And the perspective from a customer's point of view of the Activation, Registration and general Admin of this product is - to put it politely - abyssmal. This is what customers want and therefore this is what Sonic Solutions should deliver: - A simple process whereby I can Setup my account with Roxio Register my product Activate my product Thereafter I want to be able to update, use and enjoy the product. Currently the process is annoying, annoying, annoying. And if there is one important lesson that I have learnt in business, it is that an annoyed customer will not recommend your products and will not purchase other products. Sonic Solutions can and should do better than this.
  3. Catamaran

    Watch DVD's does not work

    Any thoughts..... ?
  4. Catamaran

    Easy Audio Capture not visible

    Thanks for the feedback. Some interesting threads. Numerous references to Nvidia. Except Nvidia support don't seem to have any knowledge of this file. I am inclined to think that Nvidia is not the culprit, principally because this machine has never had any Nvidia products installed.
  5. Catamaran

    Easy Audio Capture not visible

    OK..... so I have a sort of a band-aid fix. But this seems like a bug to me. I restarted in the hope that things would return to "normal" - which they have. EAC is visible again. So, I have now reconstructed what I did. Right-click on the EAC Icon in the SysTray Next to "Show Tray Icon" is a tick-mark Click on "Show Tray Icon" to remove the tick-mark The SysTray Icon will then be hidden. Unfortunately so will EAC. Any attempt now to restart EAC will fail. And it is not because EAC is already running but hidden because if you check with Task Manager EAC is not shown as a running Application neither is the EAC process (AnalogRec9.exe) shown as a running process. So by clicking on "Show Tray Icon" when it is "ticked" terminates EAC but EAC thinks it is still running so won't restart. Apparently the only solution is to logout and Restart Windows. In my view that is a bug - and if it isn't a bug then it is very strange behaviour. Any one of the programs that are normally displayed in SysTray can be closed by right-clicking the Icon and exiting. If you want to restart any of these programs then all you need do is simply restart the program - you most certainly don't have to Restart Windows!!
  6. Catamaran

    Easy Audio Capture not visible

    Thanks for the link. My graphics card is ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum. I have never installed any Nvidia equipment on this PC. So that is really strange. No, I cannot see anything. EAC is not visible in mini or full mode. Neither is the icon visible in the SysTray. If I try to activate the program by clicking Start > All Programs > Roxio Easy Media 9 > Audio > Easy Media Capture - nothing happens. I "hid" the program by right-clicking on the icon in the SysTray to bring up a menu. One of the items in the menu was to hide the program. I clicked on this item and the program was hidden. But now the problem is how to unhide it...??
  7. Catamaran

    Easy Audio Capture not visible

    System Info: Processor : Athlon 64 3200+ RAM : 1GB Video : ATI XT800 Platinum Audio : Creative Audigy 7.1 OS : XP Pro SP2 ------------------------------------------- Easy Audio Capture was working correctly. I then "hid" the interface, now I cannot make it visible again. I clicked on Restore Defaults but that does not seem to have resolved the problem. Activating EAC seems to do nothing. If I open Applications in Task Manager and then click on Easy Audio Capture an application called SysFader appears in the list of running applications and then disappears. If I check the running processes there does not appear to be a process running that has an appropriate name. Thanks for your help.
  8. Catamaran

    Watch DVD's does not work

    System Info: Processor : Athlon 64 3200+ RAM : 1GB Video : ATI XT800 Platinum Audio : Creative Audigy 7.1 OS : XP Pro SP2 ------------------------------------------- This is a new installation. Problem with : Roxio Creator 9 Home > My Media > Watch DVD's DVD's don't play. Clicking on any button closes the video window. The DVD is correctly recognised by EMC9. The DVD's play perfectly in Windows Media Player and InterVideo WinDVD. Any ideas? TiA