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  1. SS Scott

    Ss Scott Is Sailing On...

    After 6 years at Roxio, I am moving on. After this week, my account here will no longer be monitored and this forum will officially revert to a true "user" forum. There are many users here who are very proficient with DVDit Pro HD I have no doubt that this community will thrive with people helping people to get the job done. It has been a pleasure helping you all out and I wish you all the best. Scott
  2. SS Scott

    Button Delay

    the button gets composited onto your menu the highlight does not so there is no way to do what you are asking for. you would have to do your text outside of DVDit.
  3. SS Scott

    Dvdit 6.2 Awful Crash Issues

    can you output a volume? if so you can always use the free IMGBRN tool to write that volume to a DVD. Separately, are you by chance trying to transcode AIFF audio? if so, change that to WAV.
  4. SS Scott

    Very Jerky Dvd Palyback

    so preview and transcoding are separate in DVDit. in the preview you are clearly seeing a field order/interlacing issue. can't really speak to what is happening in transcoding. What is the media that you are importing into DVDit, a QT file? A QT reference file?
  5. SS Scott

    Missing Features...

    ...and that still image is the starting point for your 20-30 second loop
  6. SS Scott

    Missing Features...

    on your last request, right click on the thumbnail and you can choose the in point for the video. you can't choose the outpoint, but this will let you choose the 20-30 seconds you want to loop.
  7. SS Scott

    Missing Files Madness!

    in 2005 you did not have DVDit Pro HD, you had DVDit Pro. consequently when you load an old project into this software it is looking for the default content (buttons and frames) that must have been in the palette when you saved your project. when it can't find that content at Program Files > Roxio > DVDit Pro > Content, it asks you where it is. So it is possible that if you create a DVDit Pro directory in the Roxio directory and you put a content folder inside of that and copy all of the content from the same folder in your DVDit Pro HD installation that the program will find the content and not ask you where it is...
  8. SS Scott

    Missing Files Madness!

    they must be old projects where you had all of the frames and buttons loaded. I imagine you are now not automatically loading those files? maybe if you change that preference, DVDit will load your old project without the warning....or, how old are the projects? DVDit Pro? maybe you need to have a DVDit Pro directory in your program files and put all of the "content" folders into that directory. maybe it is looking for that directory and can't find it.
  9. SS Scott

    Burn 1920x1080 With 25p?

    that can't happen. the program pretty much has the Blu-ray Disc spec embedded in it. if we tweak it to accept non-legal streams, the mux will fail. more importantly, any resulting disc would fail BD-R, BD-RE and BD-ROM verifications. if the resulting output is not in spec, the application is not in spec and the BDA would come down on us.
  10. SS Scott

    Here's My Problem...

    Slixx, what version are you using? if it is version 6.3, you need to apply the PS3 patch at the top of this forum. 6.4 does not require that. unfortunately, as to the rest of your initial posting, there is no real way to marry the two AVIs into one with a seamless break. you can put them on two separate timelines and connect them with an end action, or try to then put those timelines into a playlist, but there is going to be a break in the video between the two AVIs.
  11. SS Scott

    Burn 1920x1080 With 25p?

    that is not a BD legal resolutions. DVDit Pro HD will convert it to 1080 25i. The only BD legal 1080 resolutions are 23.976 and 24.
  12. SS Scott

    Difficulty burning to DLT

    If you have DVDit Pro 6 (6.0 or 6.1) you may only see the Write DLT option if you have a DLT machine attached to your PC. Not sure on 6.3, it may have the same or it may have a Write Master option under the Burn menu. DVDit does not allow you to write a DVD master to DVD...only to DLT. If you want to write a DDP master to DVD, you can do so by outputting a DVD Volume to your hard drive and then using Gear Pro Mastering Edition to write the master. They have a trial version on their site.
  13. SS Scott

    Cmf And Aacs Confusion

    Tom, AACS on BD discs can get pretty complex. one can encrypt each title on a disc individually among other possibilities. DVDit Pro HD is one-click AACS. There are no options. We simply add AACS to the entire volume. As to the costs, they are potentially substantial. AACS fees per layer (+ a per disc royalty), mastering per layer, possible authoring facility AACS fees (one time). you should contact a replicator and AACS to find out what you or your client is looking at.
  14. SS Scott

    Getting Started Help...

    start the program. press the #2 on your keyboard to change the interface view. on the right is your pallette where you will import images, video and audio into your project. on your left is a tree view of your project. drag images and video onto the titles area to create slideshows and timelines. drag images and video clips onto the menu area to create a menu background. drag a slideshow or timeline onto the menu from the tree and it will create thumbnail link to that asset. if you want to have text links instead, use the text tool to write on your menu and then drag the slideshow or movie onto the text. if you want a button link, click on the buttons section of the pallette and drag a button onto your menu, then drag a slideshow or video onto the button. those are the basics.
  15. SS Scott

    Feature Requests

    what do you mean by a thumbnail offset? you can already right click on a motion thumbnail and select the frame that you want the video to begin on. then if you have a 30 second video menu, the 30 seconds for that thumbnail will start from that frame.