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    My DVD drive used to burn and now it doesn't

    As I said my burn screen tells me it can't get the write speed and so don't contain that upper portion yours does: How did you get the image into your reply? I've got a screen capture of my burn window sitting in my paste buffer but when I do a ^v nothing happens. I also have it sitting in a file but didn't see a way to include files either. -mark
  2. Mark Seger

    My DVD drive used to burn and now it doesn't

    What burn screen? The one with the error in it? Just to make sure there's no confusion, I'm running Creator 2009 and clicking on the Data Copy Icon in the left pane. That brings up the Data-Copy window and I'm clicking on the Burn Data Advanced Option, which brings up Creator Classic. I selected some files and dragged then to the copy window. When I click on the Burn icon the window comes up that says Write Speed: No common speeds available. and I can't proceed. Do not pass go do not collect $200. I don't see any CD/DVD names listed anywhere checked or unchecked -mark
  3. I'm running Creator 2009 on Vista and trying to burn a DVD with Creator Classic. This worked fine a few weeks ago and now when I click the burn button a window pops up and under General Options is says: Write Speed: no common speeds available What's with that? I can read DVDs just fine and as I said this used to work. With all the automatic updating so many things do today who knows what might have changed. In fact, roxio told me I needed to install a critical patch so I did that too - would have been nice if the description told me what it did, but that's a different topic. So, after it restalled the system tried to shut down and hung for over 10 minutes in "logging off..." so I did a hard halt and restart. It it come back but that didn't give me any warm fuzzies either. But getting back to the original question, any clue what might be going on? I'm not about to upgrade any firmware because this used to work and so I know the firmware is good. It also turns out I have abother DVD burning program called ImgBurn and I just tried that and it works just fine so I have to conclude the problem is with Roxio. Anyone ever see this sort of behavior before? -mark
  4. Mark Seger

    Dvd Recogznied But Not Selected In Video Copy/convert

    imgburn rocks. no problem seeing dvd. so now what gives with roxio? -mark
  5. Mark Seger

    Dvd Recogznied But Not Selected In Video Copy/convert

    As I said in the base note, this is a movie dvd generasted by roxio. Am I using the right application to copy it? Why doesn't the dvd show up as a valid destination when I was able to read from it. Could roxio not think its writable? When I bring up C&C it shows a dvd is loaded at the very bottom on the window but not as a destination. In fact, I just put the DVD back in that I copied to disk and it can't see that now! Perhaps I'm asking the wrong question - what utility should I be using to copy dvds? Sounds like this is the right one but it plain doesn't work! -mark ok, this is ridiculous. I can browse my DVD with windows explorer but when I bring up the Copy Disk utility (I thought I'd try that one), it can't find the DVD either. Sounds to me like roxio is busted. Has anyone else ever seen this? Is it a problem with Vista? Should I ask for a refund? -mark
  6. I have successfully used Roxio to make a DVD movie. Slick... Now I want to make a copy, so I'm trying to use Video Copy & Convert, assuming that the correct way to do it, since there are a lot of choices. I had tried disk copy but it didn't want to show my DVD - maybe that's part of the problem? Anyhow I went into C&C and successfully copied my DVD to disk. Then I ran it again trying to copy the disk image to a DVD and the device refused to show up in the Destination window. I'm running Vista. I do seem to recall at some time reading about issues with iTunes and other programs that access the DVD. Could this be related to my troubles? -mark
  7. Mark Seger

    Why Is Creating A Data Disk So Slow?

    re drag to disk - generally, I never use d-to-d as I tend to do most things in dos, but selecting a single folder when I want more than one is too painful - more on this later. re specs - this is a 2.5GHz dual-core Itanium with 4GB ram, vista-32 and a 500GB hard drive. Do you need more info? Should have plenty of horsepower. So just to be clear, and I'm doing this as I type, I click on +Add and a brower comes up and I click on Computer. I then see the C: drive and click on that - system goes out to lunch! actually more like dinner. I'm seeing pretty low CPU with the task manager nor much I/O. haven't a clue why it's so slow. Actually running this again I figured out why I was doing d-to-d. If I bring up a folder that has several sub-folders I want to add to my copy, if I click on one to select it and then OK, the brower window closes. To select the next one I have to go through the whole thing again, but if I d-to-d the window stays up. I know, not much of an exuse
  8. Am I doing something wrong or is it just me, but selecting folders to copy is extremely slow. I'm in Burn Data Disk and want to select some high level folds. I click on +Add and then go into browse because I want to select a top-level directory. When I double-click on the C: drive the program goes away for what feels like close to a minute before it shows me the top-level directory structure which only a couple of dozen folder in it. Feels like it's reading the entire disk structure. I eventually navigate down to the folder I want and drag it into the area that says to drag files there. Again, it goes away for a very long time before complying. I used to use creator 7 and it was much faster. Is this operator error? -mark
  9. Mark Seger

    Hot Key For Zooming In/out?

    how did I miss that? that's exactly what I was looking for. sorry for the silly question. -mark
  10. Not a big deal, but when I insert a text overlay for a video the only way I could tell to change the duration was to drag an edge of the icon in the text window. I was hoping for something like clicking on properties and just setting a duration. Or better yet, is there a way to change the default duration? Basically I'd like to keep the text up for about 5 seconds every time I use it. -mark
  11. Mark Seger

    Hot Key For Zooming In/out?

    Are there any hot keys to control the zoom level of the video timeline? I couldn't find any -mark
  12. This is potentially a lot easier than described earlier - this was for a Sony Video DVD generated by a DCR -DVD 403. But I also admit I probably spent mulitple hours seaching around until I found this note. Up until that time I didn't even realize this was doable with Roxio. Anyhow, after asking 'roxanne', which told me exactly what to do, I just ran the 'Capture' program under the Tools menu of the Media Center. No need to change file names or anything like that! It simply reads the DVD and creates one or more MPG files (depending on how many VOBs it finds). -mark