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  1. Hi, I use NXT3. I haven't burned a Dvd in long time. As I did (4 chapters, special menu style) the Dvd seemed to burn properly. As I put it in my computer drive it just comes up and shows me the Video_Ts file but does not start to play starting with the menu? What am I missing? Please help Thank you
  2. Hello, I am having Creator NXT 3. I have some powerpoint slides (with audio) I would like to add to a Videowave Production. It seems not to work. Any advice? Do I maybe have to save them in another format to be able to add them? Thank you
  3. Currently I am using Roxio Creator 2012 and experiencing the following problems: 1) When I burn to DVD, I often drop images with either Windows 7 or 8); 2) The Label Creator crashes constantly; 3) The Video Wave program crashes frequently Are these problems somewhat resolved in the new Creator NXT 3?
  4. hexe

    Pal Vhs Tape

    I just bought through E-Bay a Samsung VCR V6700. The seller said it will play PAL VHS tapes. I cannot get a transfer going using Roxio. Is there any side I can look up if this VCR actually is playing PAL tapes or maybe my setup with Roxio is missing something. Any advice appreciated very much. Thank you
  5. hexe

    Pal Vhs Tape

    How do I transfer a PAL VHS tape with Roxio VHS Easy transfer to DVD. I have a VCR which only handles NTSC VHS tapes. Does a converter like this at Amazon work? TV Video System Converter PAL to NTSC For All Video Systems http://www.amazon.ca/Mini-White-CVBS-Composite-Converter/dp/B00AXEVM8C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422309493&sr=8-1&keywords=pal+converter
  6. Hello, I am using Creator 2012 Pro and have it installed and working on my desktop computer (windows 7). I tried to install it on my laptop (windows vista) and it installs fine, but after clicking on the icon for starting the program the error message\; Roxio has stopped working appears and the software won't start. I reinstalled .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, but nothing changed. Could anybody please help? Thank you
  7. I just got it working. Something was wrong with my RCA cable. I used a different one and it worked. Thank you very much for your help. Kind Regards Hexe
  8. I opened the device manager, the Roxio Video Capture USB and USB 2861 Device are listed under Sound, video... and there are NO red arrows on it.
  9. Is says USB device unavailable. I did install the CD for Roxio Video Capture which came with, but it seems not have worked. Can I download this driver somewhere from the web?
  10. Yes, the device looks like the one shown on the web. I bought the SW from the webpage of Roxio. It was shipped with the device. If I open Roxio, about the SW it says: Roxio Creator 2012 Pro Version 13.5;
  11. It came with a conversion AV cable which I hooked into the USB port of my PC, then I connected this with an RCA cable from my VHS recorder.
  12. I just bought Roxio 2012 pro to transfer my old VHS tapes. I have a new 64 bit Windows 7 PC. I followed all the steps, uninstalled earlier Roxio version, updated everything and still, I connect the cable to my VCR, put the tape in on play and "no signal". Please help. Thank you
  13. I just switched from EMC10 (after 2 years I finally were able to print Disc and cover labels properly) to windows 7 Roxio creator 10. I am desperately trying to print a DVD case label (slim line). I tried to calibrate the printer, doesn't work. I tried the overbleed function, doesn't work, just shifts my label around. I need the cover label to bleed in all directions about 1,5 cm. Can anybody please help. Thank you Hexe
  14. I am using Roxio Creator 2010 with Windows 7. I am trying to save a file in Roxio Label Creator (DVD case booklet) and the error message: " C:\AppData\local\Temp\RoxioLC\Audio.png was not found" comes back? Thanks for any advice Hexe
  15. Hi, I am using EMC 10. I created a menu driven production in DVD builder with 5 thumbnails, backgroundmusic and my own background video. I am trying to extend the length of the menu music. If I hit settings menu it comes up with a length of 12sec and I cannot change this length. I did it before in another production and it was no problem to extend the duration of the menu music (slow, but it worked). Any advice. Thank you Hexe