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  1. I am having a problem Creator Suite 10 when creating a DVD case cover. I have a landscape format picture that i want to put on the back side of the cover and a portrait format picture in the front. I bring the pictures in and I rotate landscape picture 90 degrees, re-size them so that they fit the cover space and place them where they belong. Everything looks OK when I am designing the cover, but when I go to print, the picture that is in the back cover id flipped back withing the space and stretched to fit it. What I mean is that the original picture is proportioned 10 by 8 with the long side across the bottom, When I rotate it is placed on the cover it has the short side across the button and the picture subject is sideways with 'bottom' of the picture facing the outside long side of the cover. When I go to print, even on the preview image in the print window, the print space for the picture is left so that the proportions are still 8 by 10 with the long side parallel to the long side of the cover, but the picture itself is flipped back do that what would be the long side is now along the short side and the picture is 'stretched' to fill the space. What can I do so that the picture stays the way it looks like in the design window? For right now I am using my old SureThing CD Labeler program to create the cover, but one of the reasons I bought Creator 10 was to have an integrated solution, and the label maker leaves a lot to be desired when designing covers (see my earlier post about unable to size the CD slim case covers to actually fit the slim cases).
  2. andyrey

    Slim Case cover wrong size

    When I create a label for a slim case using Label Creator, the label is the wrong size. It is about 1/4 inch too small on up and down dimension. This causes the cut lines to be in the wrong place when printing. Is there ant way to change this?