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    Placing An Arrow

    Thanks very much! That is exactly what I need. These groups are very helpful. Thanks to all! MLE
  2. Am editing a football video and am trying to figure out how to put an arrow in my video. (to point at my kid) Anyone know how to go about this? Thank you very much in advance! MLE
  3. I think I figured it out....I switched my project settings to Custom and LPCM audio. Takes out the audio compression. Makes the file larger, but seems to work in Windows Media Player just fine.
  4. I put together several video clips into a .mpg file in Video Editor. I "muted" the native audio in each of the clips (instead of turning the volume down) and then I added music to the production. When I run the .mpg file in Windows Media Player it works fine. Then I cut this file into a DVD with no menus using Roxio Create DVD's. Video is fine, but audio is silent...only happens in Windows Media Player. Any ideas? I am stuck! TIA!
  5. MLE

    Background audio

    Was frustrated with EMC 7 not giving me the ability to extend background audio on a menu beyond 30 seconds. Before I buy, please tell me that you can extend background audio time in EMC 9.0... TIA