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  1. True! I didn't catch that in LoneWolf's original posting. Wouldn't hurt to verify the link properties in the "target" box from Roxio 2011 start menu folder. This might vary a bit from one installation to another, but it should be something like: "C:\Program Files\Roxio 2011\Roxio Central\RoxioCentralFx.exe" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio 2011\Roxio Central\RoxioCentralFx.exe" If the shortcut is properly linked and the UI still can't be launched by clicking, double clicking, or using the "open" command from the context menu it would indeed indicate a more serious problem.
  2. The shortcut on your desktop might not be correctly linked. Go to the directory where Roxio 2011 is installed and look for a sub-folder named "Roxio Central". Open that folder and locate the file "RoxioCentralFx.exe". Right click on the file, and from the context menu select "Send To" > "Desktop". This will create a new shortcut on your desktop. You can delete the old shortcut on your desktop if you wish. Of course you can also launch Roxio Central from your Start > Programs menu as well. Hope that works for you.
  3. I should have mentioned it earlier but yes, I tried switching from Vista's native driver to the latest InteliPoint version 6.3 and ran the mouse as "Wireless Explorer 2.0" and an "Optical Mouse 5000". In both cases the mouse works properly however CinePlayer still crashes. Seems like the issue may be hardware based.
  4. I gave Microsoft a shout via email and received a reply thanking me profusely for providing details of the issue along with something to the effect that my feedback will help to make the world a better place ;-) In any case, the mouse in question is a discontinued product so the "let's not hold our breath" theory is probably the best advice. As far as I know, the conflict is limited to the "Intellimoue Wireless Explorer 2.0" which has apparently been replaced by the "Wireless Optical Mouse 5000". AFAIK the current MS mouse products don't cause any problems with CinePlayer but if upgrading just be sure to save the receipt! Personally I'm working around the issue by launching and controlling CinePlayer with my graphics tablet which (along with my Explorer 2.0 mouse) is always connected to my PC.
  5. MisterTee

    "no Drive Detected"

    There's a sticky on the Daemon Tools forum that provides info on resolving possible conflicts between Roxio and Daemon however as was noted, it appears your LG GDR-H30N is not write capable. DAEMON LINK: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/f26/my-rea...es-missing-440/
  6. MisterTee

    Do Not Update With Patch

    For the benefit of other users could you please elaborate on the circumstance, eg; at what point does the crash occur, what action(s) cause the crash, etc? Thanks :-) Please disregard my inquiry. I see you've provided the details in another posting.
  7. After reading this thread I just had to comment. As someone who has experienced the many ups and downs of "Creator" (going all the way back to Creator 3), I've several times gone on record expressing my delight and amazement that **all** components of Creator 2009 appear to be fully functional on my Vista 64 bit system. But several weeks ago I wanted to view an AVCHD disc and finally got around to launching the one module I hadn't yet tested, CinePlayer. To my disappointment, the component crashed each and every time I tried to run it. After spending several hours attempting (without success) to troubleshoot the issue I threw in the towel. To make a long story short, after reading this thread I immediately flipped over my wireless mouse to check the model number and sure enough, "Intellimoue Wireless Explorer 2.0" running on Vista native drivers. As luck would have it, I happen to own an extra MS "Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000". I plugged it in and voila... CinePlayer works!. I also discovered that the "4000" runs perfectly without removing the "2.0" mouse, so I simply plug it in when needed and remove it when finished. I hope Roxio and/or Microsoft will address this issue in the not-too-distant future but in the meantime I have a good workaround without spending any cash on a new mouse. Cheers to "Saul" for observing and posting the correlation between mouse movement and this issue!
  8. I'm running the download version of Creator 2009 on a Vista Home Premium x64 machine. Glitch-free installation process and (so far) no bugs at all when running the various modules. As someone who has lived with the ups and downs of "Creator" for many years (dating way back to the early Adaptec days) I was actually "anticipating" problems with Vista x64 but to my amazement, so far so good. I'm also running several other editing/burning apps, some of which use "Gear" and "Goldenhawk" drivers with no Roxio conflicts whatsoever. So Creator 2009 is definitely capable of running properly in the Vista x64 environment and even seems more robust and tolerant than previous versions. Pure speculation, but my initial suspicions would lean towards needed Vista services, processes, and/or libraries that might be corrupt, disabled, or missing. BTW, have you tried uninstalling .net 3.5 and then reinstalling Creator, allowing Roxio to initiate the .net 3.5 installation?
  9. Hi, Kind of a minor thing, but when I'm ready to execute a print job, Label Creator always selects Lightscribe by default. It's no big deal to manually change to my desired printer, but before doing so I have to wait for the printer selection dialog to become available as Label Creator reads the Lightscribe drive. Is there any way to specify a default to the printer I normally use? Thanks!
  10. No, but thanks for the suggestion. LS enabled drives only appear as printers within the UI of a LS enabled printing application. At this point I'm fairly sure Rox defaults to LS intentionally. Most other apps ("Surething" for example) remember the last used printing source and default to it until changed by the user. Thankfully it's a minor annoyance.
  11. MisterTee

    Error 000d

    Another user with the same issue believes the "000D" error is due to low disc space on the installation drive. For reference, Roxio 2009 is using at least 1.33GB of space on my Vista 64bit machine.
  12. I've used just about every version of EMC over the last 10 years but as a die-hard SureThing (and sometimes Acoustica) Labeler fan I've never really paid much attention to Roxio's Label module. That said, curiosity has gotten the best of me. Since my last posting I've been experimenting with with the "Auto Fill From Disc" option and can't get it to read CD-Text from my disc (if that's what it's supposed to do). I've also noticed that in Options > Online Music Database, all 3 of the check boxes are grayed out. I dunno... overall I'm quite impressed with Creator 9 but I think I'll stick with SureThing for labeling ;-)
  13. That seems to be the case. Thanks for the clarification!
  14. Yes, that's exactly what happens.
  15. Hi, Looking at the available print-to-disc templates (for Epson printers) in Label Creator 2009, I haven't been able to locate one for "full face" (print all the way up to the center hole). Do I have to change the hole diameter manually, and if so how? Thanks, -Mike
  16. Having noticed a few questions regarding Creator 2009 with Vista x64 (64 bit) I thought I'd throw in my 2¢ worth. I installed the download version yesterday afternoon and in spite of my worst fears the entire process went flawlessly. Not a single error message during any phase of the 4 part install which included the program itself, ms net 3.5, content pack, and the HD plugin. As for the operation and functionality of the program itself, yesterday I created one or more detailed test projects with each of the primary modules (VideoWave, Music Disc Creator, MyDVD, PhotoSuite, Sound Editor, etc.) and so far (again to my amazement) not a single error, warning, crash, stall, or slowdown in the workflow. Lastly, the overall speed from end-to-end (launching the suite, launching individual modules, applying effects, editing, rendering, burning etc.) has been excellent. A huge improvement versus any version of EMC I've ever used (and I go all the way back to Easy CD Creator Version 3). I'm not crazy enough to believe I'll never encounter an error or crash but at the risk of sounding like a Roxio salesman, you could say I'm very excited about Creator 2009 ;-) BTW, before ordering online I poked around for a discount code and found ROXIO15 which (when applied at time of purchase) instantly knocks $15 off the price. AFAIK it would work for the boxed version as well.
  17. MisterTee

    Roxio 2009 Conflict With Magic Jack

    My "take" on Magic Jack and the issues it can cause with a variety of multimedia applications is this: MJ installs itself as a set of 2 CD-Rom drives which contain "autorun" commands. Even though the drives don't contain viable media content (like a CD or DVD), programs like Roxio (and others) that auto-scan drives by default (searching for media) detect MJ, thinking it's a valid media source. This causes the multimedia app in question to lock on to the MJ drive as it attempts to import and/or analyze the content, causing the application to freeze. As I said, the above is speculation on my part. It's based on actions I've taken that seem to solve the problem. Here are a few things that have helped. None of these have caused any harm. Even so, I'll preface this with the "try at your own risk" caveat. 1) Disable the process that automatically monitors your drives for content. This way your software will not "see" MJ by default. Of course this means it won't see "anything" by default. You'll have to select wanted content manually using the file tree. Unfortunately I don't have EMC installed at the moment but I believe the process is named "roxiowatch" or something similar. --OR-- 2) Unplug MJ before installing EMC. Don't re-connect MJ until the install has fully completed. Also, unplug MJ before launching EMC and don't reconnect it until you've closed EMC. -OR-- 3) If you're running XP, install the free Microsoft "Tweak UI" software which can easily be found on the web. One of it's many features is the option to disable autorun on any connected drive(s). It's a simple procedure that uses a check box to disable or enable. Disable autorun ONLY for your MJ drives (there should be 2 of them). After doing this, MJ should remain functional without interfering with your multimedia programs. --OR-- 4) Hack MJ to run as a Windows "service". This solution is the most effective but (depending upon your knowledge of computers) can be quite a pain. The instructions can be found on the web. BTW, don't even bother with the idea of altering MJ's autorun.inf file. Any changes you make will only be in effect until you reboot. Why? Each time you restart your computer MJ re-installs itself, re-implementing all of it's defaults. One might ask, why not just dump MJ and solve the problem once and for all? Well, aside from the MJ device itself, MJ doesn't require special phone equipment... it works on any corded or cordless phone system. It offers "911" service and includes a free incoming local telephone number. Basically it can potentially replace your normal phone service... with an annual cost of $20 per year. That said, if someone is just wants for a 2nd line for casual use (or just to make calls from a PC), SKYPE is probably a better choice (IMO) as it generally doesn't interfere with other software.
  18. MisterTee

    Label Creator - No Templates?

    Thanks very much for the suggestion. As is the case with all of my larger proggys, EMC is installed on the larger D:\ partition of my system drive. Unfortunately my C:\ partition is smallish and I like to reserve some headway for application data, common files, and apps that generate large temp files that can't be redirected. Do you think this could be a factor? I've occasionally given some thought to repartitioning but would prefer to avoid. Anyway, with my anti-virus off I fully uninstalled the "Content CD", rebooted, ran CCleaner and then reinstalled Content. Unfortunately it didn't help. With the possible exception of Adaptec's earlier (pre "suite" ECDC) versions I don't recall ever having a Roxio EMC installation where every component worked perfectly. Probably not be surprising considering the breadth of EMC, especially when factoring in system variances, registry issues, possible conflicts, unresolved bugs, etc... Still, this Label Creator problem seems like it should be resolvable. Ongoing suggestions are welcome :-)
  19. MisterTee

    Label Creator - No Templates?

    Hi, I recently installed EMC 10 (download version). Re the Label Creator component, the editor seems to be functional (add text, images, etc...) but there are no templates. Specifically, a variety of layout templates are listed but they are all empty. For example, if I select the disc template there is no graphical representation of a disc. Just an unformatted editing area. I've experimented with various view settings but no luck. When installing EMC 10, I chose "custom" and I'm wondering if I left something out. Any help appreciated! Thanks :-)
  20. MisterTee

    Is It A Bug?

    Re EMC 7.5, apologies for my incorrect use of "certified". Actually "compatible" would have been the correct word. My comment was in reference to Microsoft "Article ID: 935280" (Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update) wherein EMC 7.5 was stated to be Vista Compatible (via installation the aforementioned Microsoft compatibility patch). http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935280
  21. MisterTee

    Is It A Bug?

    lutherk, This issue dates back to EMC 8 when the revamped version of this feature was introduced. You're not the first to make note of the bug and I'm quite surprised Roxio hasn't yet addressed it. Clean segs are definitely doable in EMC 7.0 and 7.5 however there a few caveats. 1) The crossfade resolution is limited to "whole" seconds in 1 second intervals. For example, you can't set a crossfade duration of 1.5 seconds. It would have to be either 1 second or 2 seconds. Even so, the results are usually good despite this lack of precision. 2) My experience has been that EMC 7.5 does not perform well in Vista even though it's been certified by Microsoft. I must have installed and re-installed v7.5 on my Vista laptop half a dozen times. At best it would work intermittently. That said, it runs very well on my XP,SP2 desktop. Hope that helps :-) ROXIO... if you're listening, P L E A S E fix the crossfade feature!
  22. MisterTee

    Label Creator - No Templates?

    Thanks for the feedback. Looks like my LC folder isn't the culprit as my file/folder structure seems correct. If anything else comes to mind please let me know. Meanwhile, I'll drop tech-support a line and see if they have any suggestions. Thanks again!
  23. MisterTee

    Label Creator - No Templates?

    Actually I tried that earlier today. In general, EMC10 is running better than before however it didn't help the Label Creator problem. I'm thinking I might be missing a linkage/reference file of some sort in Label Creator's main directory. Excluding subfolders, I'm showing eleven ".dll" files and two ".exe" files. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to check their installation and let me know your file count and also if there are any file extension types other than .dll and .exe Thanks!
  24. MisterTee

    Label Creator - No Templates?

    Yes, I downloaded and installed the Content file. If I look in Label Creator's directory in Program Files I can see that the templates are present. For some reason Label Creator isn't loading them when I launch the module. I tried a "repair" re-install (hoping to avoid the hassle of a clean install) but it didn't help.