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    Slideshow skips a heap of photos

    Is the quality of the stills preserved using Videowave? I have just split my production into 5 slideshows as they are Wedding photos and wanted them to be as nice as possible. Many Thanks for your help Bruce, Rgds, Zap
  2. I have been trying to create a DVD with movie and video clips, slideshow, dubebd audio etc. I have several menus with mainly video clips hanging off them and one slideshow. When I preview the entire production from within MyDVD all is well. All is great until I try and play the DVD in a set top player. The movies, intro, auido etc all play fine except for teh slideshow. It is a big heap of photos (512 in fact) and at photo 100 it jumps over several hundred photos and picks up about 20 from the end. Is there a limit on the number of photos in a slideshow? If not, what do I do to resolve my issue please? I am using SP as the format for the playback and it uses about 2.8GB of a 4.7GB DVD. My media are from Verbatim and are -r. The DVD burner is a Lite-On SOHW 8125. WinXP is all updated. The only snag I have had is with this jumping from photo 100 to near the end of the 512 photo slideshow. The audio jumps as well fo course but I have tried it without the audio as well and it still jumps. Any help will be gratefully received. Cheers and merry Christmas, Zap