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    DVD-RW Burning

    With Toast 6, I would just... Hit burn and insert the RW media when prompted and it would write disc. Just as if I was burning a standard CD/DVD. With Toast 7.1.2... I hit burn, insert RW media when prompted and it spits it back out with the message to insert blank disc. Is there something I have to do differently with the new Toast? It's not the burner because if I open Toast 6 and burn with RW media its fine Go figure! Any help would be very much appreciated! Daniel P.S. I am running a dual 2gb processor G4 with OSX 10.4.7
  2. Wicked Dan

    DVD-RW Burning

    I have just upgaded from Toast 6 to Toast 7.1.2 and my re-writtable discs dot not work now. Can anyone share some light. I am on the verge of going back to Toast 6. Thanks heaps Daniel