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    -50 error Burning DVDs

    John, Source data consists of backup patches for Client and Servers. Mac, Win, your basic .sit, .sitx, .zip, .tar.gz type stuff, nothing fancy (enclosed in a folder from the same host drive). The Sony DVD media in question has worked in the past and is of tier 1 quality on most media lists. It's not just Toast 6 and 7, it gives the same errors in the Finder (OS X 10.4.8). hylas
  2. hylas

    -50 error Burning DVDs

    This is a clone of an Apple forum post: Any help would be appreciated. (Apple discussion threads eventually vanish.) -50 error Burning DVDs http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...1&tstart=15 ----------- -50 error Burning DVDs in: Finder Toast 6.1.1 and 7.1.2 All, OS X 10.4.8 up to date 12/5/06 CarbonErrors http://www.markallan.co.uk/software.php?page=CE list error code as: -50 error: paramErr, error in user parameter list Or http://www.appleerrorcodes.com/ G5 2.5x2 SuperDrive Sony DVD-RW DW-U21A G4s LaCie (Firewire) d2 CD/DVD Recorder PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D Toast 7 just throws up the beachball of death, Finder burning gives a "0x ..." number and folds it's tent. We have done all the prescribed (different speeds, pref., etc) things here and have talked to the folks at the Apple store (no luck). I'm posting this for the record. I believe it's the (on and off support for the) media: Sony DVD-R (gold label) "AccuCORE" 1x-16x (Hey! 1 of the burners IS a Sony) These disks have worked in the past - so I bought a spindle of them (silly me). I had a Memorex DVD+R brand (left by a customer) which worked immediately (go figure) (tap, tap, tap) Whoooo to blame, Hmmmm. ;-) ----------- Re: -50 error Burning DVDs OK, Having to find a solution, I've looked around and found it's not the media, or the speed (16X, 8X etc.), it's Toast and or LaCie, most likely the LaCieProfile (I'm guessing here) in conjunction with Toast, OS X. It's hard to confirm. http://www.lacie.com/support/drivers/index.htm I did find a partial answer. This burned the aforementioned Sony DVD media, no coughing, no complaining. Disco v1.0b5 It still doesn't answer why Apple's native burning throws up the same -50 error. hylas ----------- P.S. In all fairness the Disco app is very limited, but for my purpose of testing it did rule out the Sony media. Any ideas?