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    "BurnAgain"-type incremental burns in TT7

    Hi, I've just come across the unique BurnAgain software, which allows you to add files to CD-Rs without creating new volumes - something I'd be very grateful for as normal function of the OS. However, it's new and my one attempt at using it produced an unexpected, but not entirely disastrous, result - but it did append a file to the disk without creating a new volume! So, it does what it says on the tin. My question is though, when can we expect this functionality in Toast? I already own TT6 and I'd rather limit the number of different bits of software I own for any given set of tasks. Nevertheless, the upgrade to TT7 is pretty pricey (though certainly by no means unreasonable given the added functionality), and the BurnAgain software is only US$10 for students, so… SiR G.