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    Upgrading from Creator 9 to 9.1

    I too, have downloaded and installed the 9.1 "update". HEY ROXIO, are you serious?!?!? What a completely disjointed, cobbled together, disaster. It insists on installing "Media Manager", even after I asked it not to during install process, still has that stupid backup program, even though it says it doesn't in the install directions, no icon on the quick launch even though I asked for it during installation, and the worst, I mean the absolute worst is, NO CENTRAL TOOLBOX! That's right, you have to go to the start button and choose from about forty different possibilites! Good grief! We waited all this time for THIS? If this is some sort of attempt to get us to buy the upgrade to version ten, you are SERIOUSLY mistaken. Nosiree Bob, this is absolutely the last Roxio product that will ever land on a pc of mine. Unbelievable, just absolutely unbelievable.
  2. I've used Roxio products for about the last five years. Kind of bummed about the bloat in the last few releases, but here I am with version 9 anyway! I noticed in version 8 that even though I chose not to have certain modules install during custom installation, they seemed to install anyway but were crippled. Today when I installed version 9, I chose not to have Backup My PC, (along with a few others), NOT install. Lo and Behold, when I loaded Roxio Central, there was Backup My PC! I clicked on it and it took me to "Registration", (still can't figure out why individual modules need to be registered), where I registered it and it appears to be working. I went to Windows "Add Remove Programs", clicked on Roxio "Change", and sure enough Backup My PC was reported as not installed. I have more questions, but will repost for them. Guess it would have helped if I'd asked a question! The question is, can anyone tell me what I have to do to either remove Backup My Pc, or how to install EMC 9 so that the modules I don't want loaded actually do not load? This getting old stuff is not for sissies! Appreciate your help.
  3. bornconfused

    Custom installation choices

    Funny, I don't remember suggesting I wanted a program that "does everything". If I did, I would not be trying to install it without several of it's modules. The fact of the matter is that of the modules of the program that I do want, EMC is probably the best choice out there. In fact I've read several of your posts throughout the forum where you state that you don't install all the modules. Are you suggesting that you think some parts of the suite are not needed/wanted/necessary? I think so too. I made a casual, accurate observation about the size of Roxio v. 9. That is not a blanket condemnation of EMC, any more than my use of parts of it are a blanket endorsement. You are not "lumping me into that category?" Then why make the comment in your reply to my post? Of course you're lumping me into that category. I signed up for the forum so that I could get some help with the program. Not to have salvos fired across my bow because the language police wear their heart on their sleeve. fugedaboutit.