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    HP D5160 .JWP Files

    Great work FAPP! I got Roxio Label Creator 9 working for my HP D5160 with your instructions. I will need to fine tune the offset values to get the print centered on the disk. I have been using another product called Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker and it also needed offset tweaking to get the print centered. The software that HP supplies with the D5160 works but does not allow tuning the print offset and always printed off-center. Thanks again, Allen
  2. Allen Ahl

    Does EMC9 labeler support HP D5160 Printer

    Hi Tim, thanks for the work you've done on this. I have EMC 9 and an HP D5160 printer. I think there are enough differences between your EMC 7.5 and EMC 9 that the technique you describe will be different. For instance, there is no "File: Printer Adjustments" menu choice in EMC 9 Label Creator. There is probably some way to do it but you can't go step by step through the instructions. -Allen-
  3. Allen Ahl

    Thumbnail/Button Highlight

    This is probably a long shot but I had this problem too. EMC 9, MyDVD, on a laptop with integrated video. When first installed I made a widescreen dvd and the title highlights worked fine on a standalone dvd player. Sometime in the next week the highlights stopped working on any widescreen dvd I made. Standard 4:3 dvd's did not have a problem and the highlights worked fine. This was frustrating because I had successfully made the widescreen dvd with highlighting earlier. Also, in previewing in MyDVD or playing on my computer the highlighting always worked. In trying to fix this I removed and reinstalled EMC9 with no luck. I then remembered I had made a change on my desktop settings (rightclick desktop - properties). I had changed from 32bit to 16bit color. Now I put this back to 32bit color and I'm convinced this fixed the problem. I can again make widescreen 16:9 dvd's with the title highlighting working on standalone players. Just a possible thing to try? -Allen-