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  1. Ourdream01

    Burned DVDs not as clear as should be.

    Dvds that I am burning now are not as clear as they used to be. I did change from +DVD to --DVD blanks. Could this be the problem if so is there anything I can do to fix it.
  2. Ourdream01

    How to update toast 8 to 9

    Have toast 8 on my imac (tiger) and want to upgrade to 9. Cant seem to find it. I see updates for 9 but no upgrade from 8 to 9.
  3. Ourdream01

    Rar Files With Toast

    How can I burn a rar file to DVD with toast?
  4. Ourdream01

    How To Burn R00 Files

    I have some movies in r00, r001, r002 etc, how can I burn them to DVD or is there a converter that I can use before I burn.
  5. Ourdream01

    DivX with 8

    Trying to make dvd from divx file. Well let me explain. Toast is taking to long to incode from AVI so I converted to DivX with a converter which was a lot faster and then I was told 8 would incode that fast. All i realy want to do is speed up the time it takes to incode.
  6. Ourdream01

    DivX with 8

    Can not burn a DivX movie file in toast 8. Can any one help or not posable.
  7. Ourdream01

    Need more volume?

    I should have been more clear. I get my files in Quik Time format and for some reason a lot of them have low volume so its not the media. I was looking for a way to make it louder before or while burning. But dont know if it is posable.
  8. Ourdream01

    Need more volume?

    Burning with Toast 7 Plat. and a lot of my DVDs have very low volume. Can I do any thing to help this.
  9. Ourdream01

    Audio problems!

    I have been burning with Toast 7 for a while now and any thing I down load that plays in quick time will burn fine. A lot of the movies I down load now will only play video in quick time with no sound so I have to use VLC player to get sound but when I try to burn them with my toast 7 I still get no sound. Can some one help. randy
  10. Ourdream01

    Sound and Picture out of time.

    If I play the DVD on my mac or TV it does the same thing but I can watch the orginal AVI file on my mac. The video was nice and the sound was nice it gust did not go together. What would would you say is the best format for Toast. I have a few converters I can use.
  11. Ourdream01

    Sound and Picture out of time.

  12. Ourdream01

    Sound and Picture out of time.

    DivX 6.0.5, 564 X 298, 23.98 fps Mpeg layer- 3 audio It plays fine on my mac, its only when I burn it that it srews up.
  13. Ourdream01

    Sound and Picture out of time.

    I have used Toest 7 2 times now. When I try to make a DVD Video and both times the sound and the video are not in time. The video is a minite or two ahead of the sound. I am trying to put a movie in AVI onto a single layer DVD. Can some one help please. Ourdream01