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  1. I'm having the same experience, though my missing file is D:\637cb6.msi. Any suggestions, anyone?
  2. lpk2006

    Widescreen playback on TV

    I sent some DVD's to family members - those without a widescreen TV had the same issue with the discs. The pictures were not squished. However, all their computers played the DVD's widescreen. I have no idea what the problem would be. I haven't read anything on the forum that would indicate that this problem has happened to anyone else either. Any ideas? LK
  3. lpk2006

    Photos Absent in EMC9 MyDVD

    Great, Thanks! LK
  4. lpk2006

    Photos Absent in EMC9 MyDVD

    Greetings! I recently burned a movie/slideshow in EMC9 and noticed that photos/video content is not included on the DVD (whereas in 7.5 was able to have content burned). I wonder if 9 can do this as well (my family, who lives distances away, like to have the ability to print off the photos). Any input would be appreciated. LK
  5. lpk2006

    Widescreen playback on TV

    Thanks for the reply. I read other posts about this problem and did check to see if my DVD player was set to 4:3 letterbox (I have a 4:3 TV). In fact, tried all three options in case I missed something. And yes, I've made the movies in widescreen (my computer plays them widescreen no problem as I mentioned before). So am not sure why DVD player is not playing the disc correctly.
  6. I have read other posts regarding playback on TV of widescreen videos, and have followed instructions, such as making sure that the DVD player is set to letterbox. However, my movies still do not play widescreen on the TV, though do play widescreen on our computer. Any suggestions?