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    Can Toast Encode Using Cbr (constant Bit Rate)?

    Thanks for confirming that toast is VBR only. I wondered if CBR was hidden away and I couldn't find it. I still have Compressor but just wondered whether it was possible to do CBR with Toast. Ian.
  2. Although Toast is a better burning program than iDVD, it's menus are rather basic, to put it diplomatically ! Is there any way to alter the size and position of the menu buttons or the size, position and font of titles etc.? Ian.
  3. Most of my projects are well under an hour ......... usually below 30 minutes. I prefer to encode my videos using a Constant Bit Rate of around 7.7Mbps which I find gives the highest quality and the fastest encoding times. (I have previously used Compressor 3.0.3 in Final Cut Studio 2). However, Toast appears to provide only Variable Bit Rate encoding, and it is not stated whether it is One Pass or Two Pass. Which of these methods is it, and is it possible to set Toast to encode in CBR mode ? Ian.
  4. Ian R. Brown

    Info Needed For Custom Burn Settings And Max DVD Length?

    Thanks for those further details. Can I ignore the Maximum Bit Rate setting or should that always be higher than the average one? Incidentally I found MrBitRate on Version Tracker but whenever I pressed "Download" I got through to a site called Planmil ! Ian.
  5. Ian R. Brown

    Info Needed For Custom Burn Settings And Max DVD Length?

    Thanks tsantee. Actually I am using PAL (UK). Normally I would not want a long DVD - certainly no more than an hour or so - I am simply curious. Actually, now I come to think about it, I have used Toast to copy a dual-layer DVD that lasted 4 hours (onto a single layer DVD-R). So presumably there would be no problem with making a 4 hour video in Final Cut and burning it - not that I would actually do such a thing. With regard to using Custom Settings, I suspect that by fiddling around and tweaking everything to perfection, the improvement would probably be so slight as to be imperceptible. Still it would be nice to know exactly how to set the parameters for different subjects. Ian.
  6. I would like to use the Custom Burn Settings but know little about them. The Help Manual gives little information other than trying to warn me off! Whenever I open the Custom Settings, the Average Bitrate is 4 and the Maximum is 8 although both can be set to 9. Is there anywhere on the internet where I could get a reasonably simple explanation of these controls and the ramifications of their use? Also I can find no details of maximum lengths for DVDs. On my Philips DVD Recorder I can record 1, 2 3 4 or 6 hour DVDs (at different qualities of course). In iDVD 4 I can use either the "Best Performance" setting which allows an hour or "Best Quality" that enables up to 2 hours of recording. In an effort to determine Toast's Maximum DVD length I put in 5h.58m. of video and Toast was quite happy to open my DVD tray when I pressed "Burn". Needless to say I aborted it - but there were no warnings that I had too much material. So is there a maximum time limit? Ian.
  7. Ian R. Brown

    Is There A Comprehensive Manual For Toast?

    Thanks John - I feared that might be the answer. Unfortunately my knowledge of CDs and DVDs is very basic so frequently although I can see things I have no real idea what I'm looking at! As you say, I'll have to poke around, and hope that understanding eventually comes. Ian.
  8. Ian R. Brown

    Converting DVD To DV For Use In Final Cut Results In Judder.

    If you do get round to writing something, I for one, would be only too ready to read it. Thanks for recommending the FCE forum - but I am usually dishing out the info on it! It was because there was a general lack of knowledge of the finer workings of Toast, on the FC Forums that I took a trip over here to see what I could discover. Ian.
  9. Ian R. Brown

    Is There A Comprehensive Manual For Toast?

    Toast is a good program but the manual leaves much to be desired. There is constant repitition and only the more basic capabilities of the program are described. There appear to be numerous features and capabilities which are more or less hidden away in a jumble of menus. I only discovered its ability to convert DVDs to DV Files by accident when someone happened to mention it! So is there some publication or knowledgebase I can access which will detail most, if not all, of its features? The existing Knowledgebase appears to be one where you have to ask specific questions - I am looking for a general overview covering everything so I will be aware of all Toast's possibilities. Ian.
  10. Ian R. Brown

    Converting DVD To DV For Use In Final Cut Results In Judder.

    Thanks again tsantee. I am not sure whether that dominance setting will apply to what I am doing (converting/exporting DVD to a DV file). I suspect it only applies to copying one DVD to another. Anyway I will give it a test. I have noticed that Toast has numerous facilities which are almost hidden away - like the one you have pointed out. The instruction book is poor in this respect because it only deals with the basic operations and boringly repeats itself over and over again. Do you know of any book or article that deals with every one (or at least "most") of these "hidden adjustments"? I suppose they are there for everyone to see really, but you just don't notice them! Ian.
  11. Ian R. Brown

    Converting DVD To DV For Use In Final Cut Results In Judder.

    Thanks for your reply. I have searched for the option to alter field dominance but can't find it. All I can find is a deinterlace filter with no adjustments of any kind. It's not a serious problem as normally I copy DVDs to DV with an Analogue/Digital Converter which does it much faster (in realtime) and which produces quality at least as good and without any of the dreaded judder. It's just that Toast is supposed to do it and I don't like mysteries! Ian.
  12. I have used a Philips DVD Recorder to record a number of short items off air using the best quality setting (1 hour) on a DVD+RW. These items have been converted in Toast Titanium 7 (using the default settings) into DV for editing in Final Cut Express 3.0 and iMovie 5. Some play incredibly smoothly whilst others exhibit tremendous jitter on movement when played on a TV. It also occurs on DVDs burned from my own Mini-DV Tapes. The judder can be removed by using either the De-interlace Filter in FCE or by converting in Toast using Progressive Scan. I am at a loss to understand why one video is affected and another is not. Originally I thought it might be caused by movement in big close-ups and then I suspected that it may be American (NTSC) programmes appearing on British TV. However, I have had to give up these theories as one lot of jitter appeared on medium shots from a British programme. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know its cause?