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  1. Well I actually tried that while waiting on a reply. I believe both work but for some reason the last 1% tke forever on my pc. At least in video wave I could see that the file size was still growing. I wonder what is going on? I have a HP a1630n.
  2. I am wanting to convert some WMV files I have to 3GP for use on my nokia cell phone. I have been trying to use the compilation section of disc copier one file at a time and then burn to a folder on my HD. The progress meter gets to 100% and the system hangs. it will not finsh creating the file. I also get the following SSE Server Window Error when I close disc copier. The instruction at "0x027f4f7d" referenced memory at "0x030b1fa8". The memory could not be "read". Click on ok to terminate the program. can you guys shed any light on the subject?
  3. msm500

    Jumpy Video Playback on iPAQ

    First two have already been done and IE 7 was installed long before I installed EMC9. The video files play just fine untill I try to "shrink" them for the iPAQ. I am saving them as a 320X240 WMV file with variable bit rate. Are there other settings that I need to make? The origional files are MPG1 i believe.
  4. Using video wave I have created WMV files to play back on my HP iPAQ. The audio sounds great but the playback is jumpy. Is there a way to take care of this? I am new to video editing so any help is greatly appreciated.