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    2011 Pro And Blu-Ray Plug-In

    Thanks for your post.. To answer your question, I have c2011, not c2011 pro. Is it possible to duplicate or copy existing blu-ray media with 2011 (not pro) and the writing plug-in?
  2. barryware

    2011 Pro And Blu-Ray Plug-In

    I agree that the info on the plug-in needs a bit more detail.. I need to ask a question.. It is a long story but temporarily, I have been elected to take the hi-def footage captured via video cam and turn this into blu-ray disks for an organization I am active with. I assume that the plug-in will allow the creation of this media? The few sentences in the description says it does. I assume you use videowave and / or my dvd and the plug-in just handles the disk access? I also need to copy some of the previously created media. The source files are not available at the moment, only the created media. There is about 3 weeks worth of events that have been created but multiple copies were not made to distribute to the groups members. Before I purchase the plug-in for my license of creator 2011, will it allow me to create & burn blu-ray and will it allow the reproduction of previously created media? Anyone have this plug-in and can discribe it in a bit more detail? Edit: I just saw there are two plug-ins.. One for playback & one for burning? Is this right.. Does one include the other?
  3. barryware

    Videos and pictures duplicating themselves

    the program makes a copy to use for it's purposes and leaves the origional file untouched.
  4. barryware

    Cd Creator stops after burn-locks up computer

    Slow down your burn speed. 4x ~ 8x (dvd) will give you better compatibility across players and will also resolve the end of burn lockup. I have never had a problem with cd's but a slower burn speed may help with cd's also.
  5. barryware

    2010 service pack(s)

    Just an FYI.. The downloaded install file does not have sp2 slipstreamed into it. After I installed and registered the software, it updated itself to sp2. I'm not complaining.. Just saying incase someone else may have the same question.
  6. barryware

    2010 service pack(s)

    I just purchased (download) creator 2010. In preparation of installation on a fresh win7 setup I came here to check out what problems I may run into with the install. I see that there are service packs available. Do I need these? Because I just purchased and downloaded the software yesterday would the service packs be included or built into the downloaded files? A cd/dvd that was manufactured weeks / months ago would probably need the service packs. I realize I could install and see but I would like to be prepared and have everything I need so I can start and finish the install in one session.
  7. barryware

    For Those With Emc 9 & 10....

    You can also capture your VCR output by using the RF connector (Coax). Connect the "To TV" coax connection of the vcr to the antenna/cable connection of the tuner card. Set your tuner card channel to 3 or 4, whatever you VCR plays on, and you are golden. Some may argue that the quality of the capture may not be up to snuff. Remember first that you are capturing a VCR tape. In doing the above, I see absolutely no difference in quality between playing the tape, and watching the capture. Actually I think the tuner card takes away a bit of the graininess.
  8. barryware

    I Think I'll Wait

    Just being facetious...
  9. After following the provided link posted by Aprasad.... I don't see any hoops but then again I never tried to return anything directly to MS. Seems pretty simple though. Even covers hardware.
  10. Don't want to argue but Best Buy will not take back opened software. Only exchange it for the identical title. At least the one I frequent.
  11. barryware

    Deleting Roxio

    Why on earth would you be tasking your rig with anything while you are doing an update? Or better still, while rendering video? Actually, if you read the extended MS update descriptions, they will tell you that your computer may need a restart after the update. I usually follow the KB's regarding any updates. I would like to know a bit more than "Critical Security Update"
  12. barryware

    I Think I'll Wait

    Maybe you could pre-order V11.. It should be here in a few months. V11 should be out prior to any updates for V10.
  13. There are two files that must be downloaded. One is the program file, and the other which you seem to have is the content file. Go back and download the program file. Install it, reboot, then install the content file.
  14. barryware

    compatibility questions

    I also have a DJ & an iPod. I was also an Apple hater but my wife got an iPod last year. Because she is not a computerist, I had to manage her iPod (with iTunes). So... I have Roxio, the Dell DJ Explorer, iTunes, & Duebox installed on the one computer I use to manage this stuff. All very happily co-exist with one another. I got an iPod for myself last November. Now that I use iTunes alot more, I am really starting to like it more than the other software(s). Takes getting used to but once you use it and start to know your way around, I think you will start to like using it. I like you, buy the CD and rip it into mp3's. iTunes does a nice job keeping your collection organized. It even keeps the tracks in order when you play them even though they are sorted by track name. That was one thing I always struggled with using other software. Don't be scared
  15. barryware

    pixelated/tiled dvd output

    In MyDVD, under "File" on the tool bar, there is a sub menu "Project Settings". Right side of the screen, midway, there is the choice for interlaced or progressive.
  16. barryware

    Microsoft security update cripples IE

    There are always MS updates... Even between "Patch Tuesday's" Check the boards... There are new threads STILL reporting NTDLR problems. I'm sure that the posters bought the software off the shelf of the retailer and installed older Cd's DVDs, whatever. See here is the thing... The typical user buys his software at the store.. Can't wait to get home and install it. Bada-Bing. Computer won't boot after the install. There is a "Patch" posted on this website... Problem is, too late.. Damage is already done. How can the user get the patch/update if their rig won't boot? If it makes you feel better.. In testing the MS fix for KB942615, my rig crashed (IE), I had the opportunity to report the problem which I did (again). Now this time, they (MS) supply's a link after the error report which directs you to the information you need to modify your registry. Problem here is that your browser no longer works to get to the information!!! Chicken or egg... you pick it. Where is John@Roxio... Ask him.... They (Roxio) were able to duplicate the problem and posted a fix. What was found? What did they do? The V10 update, what does it do? Have a good holiday.
  17. barryware

    Microsoft security update cripples IE

    You are just not going to give that one up.. Are you? Have a good holiday.
  18. barryware

    Microsoft security update cripples IE

    Thanks... I can confirm that the fix works. This is what I did: Installed the update (KB942615) Launched IE... Yep, crashed. Did the reg mods Rebooted the computer Launched IE again... Works! Installed the update & modded the registry on the rest of my rigs and they all work. Funny thing is though... My MCE rig (which also dual boots Vista Ultimate) was not affected by the update but all the XP rigs were. MCE is XP with just some extras. Gotta love computers... The weekend prior to "Patch Tuesday", I replaced my main router. I set up a Vista laptop that I bought for a Xmas gift and my router kept crashing. The router is an old Linksys BESW something or other (hit the trash today... garbage day), wireless with a 4 port switch. It was probably 4 - 5 years old. I did some research and Vista uses a different protocol which will lock up old routers. So.... I thought my problems were due to the new router. I went nuts for hours and hours till I figured out it was one of the MS updates (not upgrades )
  19. barryware

    pixelated/tiled dvd output

    When I try to use "progressive" instead of "interlaced" I get pixelated output. Make sure "interlaced" is checked and see how that goes. I am not in front of my rig right now so I can't tell you exactly where the setting is. I believe it is under project settings / rendering options.
  20. If the OP has a DRM protected file and he purchased it and downloaded it through iTunes, then he owns the file and he has the right to make a CD of the file. iTunes lets you make a CD from within the software so there is no circumvention here. As a user of iTunes, I believe you can make up to five CD's. I never made more than one though. Now taking the protected m4p file that you do not own and will not play on your computer because you are not licensed to own or play that file and ripping out the DRM, yes... I agree. That is not legal. However this topic has been debated and is going back and forth in the courts. I don't think you and I will be able to resolve the issue here.
  21. Yep... iTunes saves downloaded mucis as m4p files and are DRM protected. You could use iTunes to burn the file to a CD then rip the CD to mp3's. My Dell DJ only plays mp3's so that is how I get the tunes on the DJ.
  22. barryware

    Microsoft security update cripples IE

    I have 5 xp rigs and a dual boot MCE 2005 & Vista Ultimate. All 5 XP rigs had the problem after the update. The MCE rig was not affected and I did not run the updates on Vista. My problem with all the XP rigs: IE would crash upon load and offer to send an error report. The faulting module was urlmon.dll. I uninstalled all the updates on one rig and re-installed them one by one rebooting and testing after each update. In my case, the culprit was KB942615 - Cumulative security update for IE6. Donno where MS07-069 comes from. The description of the update is the same though I uninstalled only the above update from the rest of the XP rigs and everything was fine. Like I said, the MCE rig didn't have any problem after the update(s) so I donno.
  23. barryware

    Lock Up when importing CD

    Musicmatch still works. After you load it you will be prompted to update to Yahoo Music. Different interface but it does the same as musicmatch. One thing to consider... Vista has much tighter DRM than XP did. I can't imagine that your CD would be protected but you never know. That may be the problem. Newly authored music CD's, some do have DRM protection. It will not effect them playing on a CD player (yet) but computers could have a problem. When was the CD manufactured?
  24. barryware

    The absolute worst in CD/DVD burning?

    Not to be confrontational... I never challenged it because I just didn't know.. I have just finished up setting up a new laptop that will be a Christmas gift. The setup means removing all the worthless junk that comes with a new computer (trial ware, light versions, etc.) and installing real purchased software. This rig has Vista Home Premium and is an HP. I uninstalled a lot of junk but there were three packages / suites with multiple apps / modules. The three packages I uninstalled were: Works - Fully functional. Office 2007 - Student & Teacher edition. This is supposed to be fully functional for 60 days (two months) and then you have to buy a new license. Some type of Corel suite that was a light version. All had only one entry in add/remove even though there were several apps / modules in the start menu. However, Office did have a second entry for the Office Update Engine.. Something like that. I did notice that the rig also had some roxio/sonic stuff on it which I left alone and there were several entries in add/remove for the roxio/sonic stuff. So.. Which is it?