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    Drag to Disc V9:

    oops! James, my mistake. And that's why you were heading in the right direction re: deleteing some of these posts to keep it "on topic". As the thread diverts from the original topic, it not only can get confusing, but it can also waste other people's time who are interested in the original topic. Regards, Mike
  2. MikeE

    Drag to Disc V9:

    It's fine if you delete the messages. I started the Classic vs: Recordnow question based on a statement you made in your post. In your post you recommended to use Classic. I was asking / trying to find out why you made that recommendation. Your answer, and I quote you: " But to answer your question, if you use UDF, No Bridge in Classic you won't run into the stone wall of Joliet. If you don't know what I am talking about, you will when you hit it! " Now in my humble opinion, that is not a very clear answer. You warn " you'll know when you hit it. Are you telling me that I shouldn't use RecordNow because someday I'll hit "... the stone wall ...". It seems you know something "we don't know" ... and for whatever reason ... are unwilling to share it with us beyond a cryptic warning. Is it so hard for you to explain the 'stone wall of Joliet' to those of us with less knowledge than you? Regards, MikeE
  3. MikeE

    Drag to Disc V9:

    I tend to use Classic as I can open it a bit faster than Record Now. Although they both open pretty slow for me, at least w/ Classic I by-pass the main EMC9 Home Menu. And part of the reason I asked about their interchangeablility and compatibiliy is based on something you said - they each have different roots - so are there any issues or gotcha's interchanging them when writing to a CD. Regards, MikeE
  4. MikeE

    Drag to Disc V9:

    I'm talking about EMC9's Record Now, not Record 9 - Music Studio. My question was to find out if there are any differences between RecordNow Data and Creator Classic with respect to the actual CD recording - not differences for the user interface using RecordNow vs: Classic. From Start/Programs/Roxio/etc... select Record Now Data Then from the main EMC9 menu select Data Disk Regards, MikeE
  5. MikeE

    Drag to Disc V9:

    James, you said "...Use Classic and you won't have these problems...". Is there a reason you recommended Classic over Record9? Other than the obvious user interface of the two, is there any 'technical' or 'format' difference of the CD's created with them. My tests with R/W CD's showed that initially creating a CD with one of them and leaving the CD 'open' then the other program could add additional files. So the two programs didn't have any problems using a R/W CD regardless of which one initially wrote to the CD. Just curious if your choice was a matter of preference for the end-user screens of one compared to the other, or if there was a 'deeper' reason for recommending Classic. Thanks, Mike E
  6. MikeE

    Override VideoWave Slide Show Auto Motion?

    In the EMC8 DVD and Video forum 'Grammy' said if she manaully applied pan and zoom 'over' a picture that already had auto motion applied that in the preview window the manually applied pan and zoom didn't show up. But if she close the project and re-opened it - then it did show up. hmmm! I wonder if this would be another workaround for EMC9's glitch too? Here's her post: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=15901 Regards, MikeE
  7. MikeE

    Using Video Wave Pan and Zoom Feature

    Grammy - good 'catch' on closing and reopening the project. I too thought I was going nuts with this. Added auto motion for the whole project then manually edited a few of the pictures with pan and zoom. But when played back in the preview the manual edits didn't show up. Seems like a bug in EMC9 but at least you found a workaround. Regards, Mike
  8. MikeE

    How do you post an image?

    Yep - I've posted pictures hosted on my website. But some folks are able to upload their pictures to Roxio's site. Have they been granted privileges by the forum admins? Or do these privileges come automagically after one makes a gazillion posts? For example these members have posts with images hosted on roxio.com: Redwagon: Member No.: 135 forums.support.roxio.com/uploads/post-135-1168752376.jpg sknis: Member No.: 58 forums.support.roxio.com/uploads/post-58-1168780355.jpg grandpabruce: Member No.: 81 forums.support.roxio.com/uploads/post-81-1168641761.jpg Other forums I'm a member of have the feature to upload to their site and then attach the image to a post. Seems like the Roxio forum has that ability too - but it isn't available to the general user. Regards, MikeE
  9. I do 'shows' that have 200+ pictures. I don't want to take the time/effort to edit motion for each one independently. For these shows, I'm willing to accept the defualt/random motion. For me it is better than static images being presented even after using a tranistion theme like 'disolve'. Regards, MikeE
  10. MasterBurner, I was not completely correct about getting to the Pan&Zoom editor when a sequence of pictures are selected. If you right click on a picture within the selected sequence you do not get the option from EDIT for Pan&Zoom. But if you click on PRODUCTION and scroll down you can open the Pan&Zoom editor. However - changing the motion to 'NONE' on works on the currently displayed picture not the entire sequence of pictures selected. You would still have to work through each and every picture with the Pan&Zoom editor and set the motion to NONE. So the search goes on for how to easily turn off auto motion for a sequence of pictures and/or the entire production. My only recourse so far is to save the production before adding AUTO MOTION to the entire production. Then if I want to remove it - well just reload the last saved production version that doesn't have it. Regards, MikeE
  11. MasterBurner said "... I didn't try this but, do you think by "selecting all" the slides then opening the motion editor, adjusting the red outlines to be the same, start and end; and applying that would do the trick? ..." What do you mean by the 'motion editor'? Are you talking about the Pan&Zoom Editor? If so, then if more than one slide/picture is selected you don't have the option to open the Pan&Zoom Editor. If you are not talking about the Pan&Zoom Editor - then how do you navigate to the 'motion editor' when selecting more than one slide/picture? Thanks, MikeE
  12. I guess the safest way then to avoid having to turn off Auto-Motion picuture by picture is to save a copy of the project before adding auto-motion to the whole project or a number of sequences of pictures. Would be nice if Roxio let you turn it off for the whole project or series of pictures. As to editing the dmsm file. WoW! that would be a chore for a lot of pictures. First the file only contains 'two' lines, if you read it up in a line editor or even notepad. It seems like it would be possible, if one liked hitting themselves over the head. I created a project with 3 pictures and saved the dmsm file. Then added AutoMotion and saved another copy of the dmsm file. Then I compared them. Except for a lot of PanZoom control settings the files were identical. If one wanted to tackle editing the file, then everything for each picture between the <PanZoomEffect> and </PanZoomEffect> for each picture would have to be delted. Easier to do each picture by picture in VideoWave (me thinks) than editing the dmsm file. Here's what a section of the dmsm file looks like: etc. etc. etc. <sourceFile> <fileName dt:dt="string">$\..\..\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Pictures\2006_04_11-3Flys\IMG_3860.JPG </fileName> <inPoint dt:dt="r8">1.66833500166834E-02 </inPoint> <outPoint dt:dt="r8">4.98832165498832 </outPoint> <fileDuration dt:dt="r8">5.00500500500501 </fileDuration> <fileSize dt:dt="r8">586770 </fileSize> <dataRate dt:dt="r8">0 </dataRate> <volLabel dt:dt="string"> </volLabel> <cdDrive dt:dt="string"> </cdDrive> <type dt:dt="i2">1 </type><repeat dt:dt="boolean">0 </repeat> <rotation dt:dt="i4">0 </rotation> <stretchToFit dt:dt="boolean">0 </stretchToFit> <sceneStart dt:dt="r8">0 </sceneStart> <sceneEnd dt:dt="r8">0 </sceneEnd> <scene dt:dt="boolean">0 </scene><albumID dt:dt="i4">2 </albumID><aspectRatio dt:dt="r8">1.33333333333333 </aspectRatio> <interlacedType dt:dt="ui4">0 </interlacedType> <interlacedInfo dt:dt="ui4">0 </interlacedInfo><transparency/> ***************************************************************** * Starting from here until <\PanZoomEffect> would have to be * * deleted for each picture in the slide show * ***************************************************************** <PanZoomEffect> <subObject> <type dt:dt="i2">0 </type><startOffset dt:dt="r8">0 </startOffset><endOffset dt:dt="r8">0 </endOffset> <flags dt:dt="ui4">1 </flags><mute dt:dt="boolean">0 </mute> </subObject> <effectInfo> <effectID dt:dt="ui4">4294967295 </effectID> <layer dt:dt="ui4">0 </layer><GroupID dt:dt="ui4">0 </GroupID><effectGUID dt:dt="string">{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} </effectGUID> <useOffset dt:dt="boolean">0 </useOffset><data><VCFPanZoom><PresetID dt:dt="ui4">3 </PresetID><EditMode dt:dt="ui4">0 </EditMode> <IsSelectable dt:dt="boolean">1 </IsSelectable><IsEditable dt:dt="boolean">1 </IsEditable> <Caps dt:dt="ui4">4915 </Caps><HandlesDelta><x dt:dt="r4">0 </x><y dt:dt="r4">0 </y><z dt:dt="r4">0 </z> </HandlesDelta> <TranslationDelta> <x dt:dt="r4">0 </x><y dt:dt="r4">0 </y><z dt:dt="r4">0 </z> </TranslationDelta> <RotationDelta> <x dt:dt="r4">0 </x><y dt:dt="r4">0 </y><z dt:dt="r4">0 </z></RotationDelta> <ScalingDelta> <x dt:dt="r4">0 </x> <y dt:dt="r4">0 </y><z dt:dt="r4">0 </z></ScalingDelta> <OpacityDelta dt:dt="ui4">0 </OpacityDelta> <Crop> <EditMode dt:dt="i4">0 </EditMode> <PresetID dt:dt="i4">3 </PresetID> <StartOffsetElements> <KeyFrame> <Time dt:dt="r8">0 </Time><Caps dt:dt="ui4">0 </Caps> <fRect> <left dt:dt="r4">0.05 </left><top dt:dt="r4">0.05 </top> <right dt:dt="r4">0.95 </right> <bottom dt:dt="r4">0.95 </bottom> </fRect> </KeyFrame> </StartOffsetElements> <EndOffsetElements> <KeyFrame> <Time dt:dt="r8">0 </Time> <Capsdt:dt="ui4">0 </Caps><fRect> <left dt:dt="r4">0 </left><top dt:dt="r4">0 </top><right dt:dt="r4">1 </right><bottom dt:dt="r4">1 </bottom> </fRect> </KeyFrame> </EndOffsetElements> </Crop><PresetID dt:dt="ui4">3 </PresetID> <EditMode dt:dt="ui4">0 </EditMode> </VCFPanZoom> </data> </effectInfo> </PanZoomEffect> **************************************************** * This is the end of the Pan and Zoom Effect * * to delete for each picture in the slide show * **************************************************** </sourceFile> etc. etc. etc. Regards, MikeE
  13. Operating Sys is XP-Home, SP2 I've been running EMC9 for about two weeks. Have tried most of its applications but mainly I'm using VideoWave. I just started getting these two errors when I boot up my system. I hadn't been getting them for the last two weeks since doing a full install of the program and contents CD. I didn't have any of the previous versions of this s/w loaded before installing EMC9. I don't have any of the EMC9 windows services turned off. I do have the Media Manager disabled when it starts. Any ideas? Anyone else having these errors? I don't know if it's a coincidence or "cause and effect", but the day before I started getting these errors I did a defrag of the harddrive. hmmm? Regards All, Mike
  14. Using VideoWave to create a slideshow of pictures. I figured out how to turn on Auto Motion for 1 panel, a series of panels or the entire production. But I can not figure out how to turn it off for a series of panels or the entire production. I can turn it off 1 panel at a time by: 1. Click on the panel 2. Go to the tool bar on top of the peview window 3. On the right side of the tool bar there is a drop down list that shows FILL BARS Pan and Zoom 4. I can select either FILL or Bars (the option for handling non 4:3 pictures in the panel) and that turns off auto-motion for the selected Panel. So, how can I turn off Auto Motion for the entire production or a series of Panels? Thanks Folks, Mike
  15. A couple days ago I said "I've just downloaded the latest driver from NVIDIA (ver. 93.71) and will install it in the next day of so. If that fixes the EMC9 hangs and screen smears, then shame on me!" Well it's time to take my lickin'! - After upgrading to the latest NVIDIA drivers/control panel - the instability and "screen" smears of EMC9 have vanished. So like I said "Shame on me for blaming EMC9". I spent the last couple days putting together some slideshows with both the basic slide show creator and video wave. So now I've begun the journey to learn the ins and outs of EMC9. My original negative first impression is now a guarded optimistic impression. "Guarded", mainly because of the posts in this forum about it's quirks (bugs/problems?). Thanks to the guru's in this forum for their answers to me (as well as the good advice they give out to a lot of posts). Regards all, Mike