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    DVD Won't Burn

    Help, I am new at this. I have a new Dell XPS that I got in September 2006. Installed Media Creater 9. Tried to a burn a slideshow of pictures. Went through all of the process and when it got to burn, it just sat at zero percentage. Let it sit for over an hour. How long should this take if I only have 6 pictures and no sound? What does encoding mean? I used DVD-R disks. Is this the correct media? I called Dell and they checked some items and had no solutions other than to delete the program and then re-install it. I did this, it still did the same thing. I had previously called Roxio support and he had me go into the msconfig area and do a disable. This did not sound correct, but I did it. It still did not work. Dell helped me get that area back. I am a novice at this and just want to make slideshows on DVD's that I can play on the TV DVD player. Can you help me?