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    Bad 702 Update File

    My computer is on Canadian (North American) time as I import and export and am originally French Canadian from Montreal. You are quite correct and my time is currently 4:10 AM. Thank you for your comment but the real meaning of the copyright laws and the export laws which, as you might imagine, are complex and seperate laws, is simply to protect the copywrite and is valid for those Countries that have singed the North American copywrite export treaty. Thailand has not yet done so. However, this is getting way off my topic and concerns and the subject of a new forum. Thank you for your reply.
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    Bad 702 Update File

    Thanks for the info. I live and work in Bangkok at Bangkok wages and have no choice of dealers. My alternative is to send to North America and this is far beyond what I can expend in cost and time. Is some sort of work around possible and while I ask this I do not wish to offend Roxio. There is no copywrite agreement between Thailand and North America (the treaty proposal was never signed) to my knowledge so no laws are broken if a copy of any CD is brought here and then resold. I do not know what Toast costs in North America but here the price of a CD will feed the average family for about three days. Salaries are very low and most people earn around $200 a month, not a DAY. Those are considered legit copies here and legaly they appear to be.
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    Bad 702 Update File

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    Bad 702 Update File

    I am having the same problem. The application loads but will not accept the 7.0 serial number and therefore won't work. The same occured on Toast 7.0.1. The upgrade system is bad if the upgrades are free then why make it so difficult.java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_6') Get your act together Roxio. I am using a Mac G4 and won't be using Roxio products much longer if this keeps up. This has become costly and time consuming as I have not managed to make a CD for three months. I use this to back up my photography.