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    Double Layer Problems

    I am running a P4 machine with 2GB of ram. I am running the following version of Roxio: Roxio RecordNow Premier Version: 3.0.0. Build : 3.1.1a I am using a Sony DVD/CD Rewitable Driver Unit Model No. DW-Q120A designed for Double Layer Disc. Problem: When I am in the Roxio interface I can see down in the lower left hand corner that I have an 8.5 GB disk in the DVD writer. I am able to find the file I want to burn The project begins and goes fine until at the end. At the end I get an error that there was a problem completing the project. I am using Memorex DVD +R DL Double Capacity Single Sided media. I have using 4 of these disk (ouch, they are pricy) with the same results on each burn. Has anyone had success burning Double Layer Media with this version of Roxio? Do I need a different software for this project? Please Consult
  2. johnsco

    Roxio on Windows Vista

    I am running the final version (not beta) of Windows Vista (Technet Plus) on a P4 3.08 Ghz with 2.0 GB ram. I have the following version of Roxio: Roxio RecordNow Premier Version: 3.0.0 Build: 3.1.1a At startup I am getting the following message: Program Compatibility Assistant This Driver is blocked due to compatibility issues Driver: Sonic Solutions DLA Publisher: Sonic Solutions A driver is installed that causes stability problems with your system. This driver will be disabled. Please contact the driver manufacture for an update that is compatiable with this version of Windows. Anyone know when the Windows Vista drivers will be available?