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    Download Error Code 403?

    I put that error code in the search engine and found quite a few responses, here is one, http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/71239-cant-upload-completed-photoshow/page__p__364131__hl__error++403__fromsearch__1#entry364131
  2. Patty

    Won't Accept My Avi Videos In Photoshow

    Why not try one at a different time of day and see what happens. Don't know why that would cause it, but one never knows.
  3. Patty

    Downloading Mp4 File

    Got my download, I didn't get it until this morning, so that seems like a pretty long time. I would have to go back and see what time I posted here to see how long it took. I posted at 6. p.m. so that is over 14 hours.
  4. Patty

    Downloading Mp4 File

    I tried the other day and mozilla kept timing out, so I gave up. I just now tried and the window came up that said it would take a while but the next window that usually comes up didn't so I am not sure if it went through or not. I will let you know if I get one back.
  5. Patty

    How "good" Is Videowave?

    I am not sure I can completely answer your question, it is a rather complex one, however, I like Videowave in many ways, some because that is what I started with and it is familiar to me. I do, however, use parts of other programs and incorporate them into my videowave project. I like the ease of videowave and the ease of moving it into MyDVD. I have never thought you get everything out of one program. I think the ease of use is high on the list of things that stand out. I am happy with the quality of the finished projects. Each version that comes out definately adds more and more options and effects. I know the program inside out, one would have to spend a lot of time learning all the programs to that depth. I am sure others will answer with further opinions. It has been a very tried and true program for me.
  6. Patty

    How Do You Uninstall Photoshow?

    What Roxio program do you have on your computer?
  7. Does anyone else have this problem, the video will be playing and then some movement will repeat itself and it does this several times?
  8. Patty

    Videos seem to have jerky sections

    I have not found an answer since I posted. I was hoping that someone from the company might read this and look into it, but nothing so far. Glad to know I am not the only one...............thanks for posting.
  9. All of a sudden I can not export to hard drive. I can on another computer, just not the one I usually use.
  10. Patty

    Brning Slideshow To Hard Drive

    It works if I burn it to mpg, but not using wmv. Weird, never had that problem before, I have had some funny things happening with this computer resently, like not being able to open AVI files. Not only can't I open them but it freezes the window so I can't get out of it or open anything else. I did look at that patch microsoft put some years back but am afraid to try it since it warns you it could cause damage.. Plus SP3 was suppose to correct that problem, but I have never had the problem until resently and I have had SP3 since it came out. Confusing. Anyway, at least I know I can burn slideshows to mpg. Thanks.
  11. Patty

    Brning Slideshow To Hard Drive

    Thanks, Steve, I will try that. I do have version 6 and the lastest version but I will try downloading it again and let you know.
  12. Really a great guy and very helpful.

  13. Patty

    Photoshow 6 Desktop Software

    Did you make the show from your desktop program or did you make it with the online program?
  14. Patty

    How To Create A New Photoshow From An Existing One

    First of all have you saved the original project? Just open the project choosing edit, make the changes and then go to file and choose save as and give it a new name. Which version are you using, are you using the desk top version or the online version? If this isn't clear, please write back before trying it.
  15. Patty

    Burn Photo Dvd Show With Picture Captions.

    Are you adding captions through PhotoShow?
  16. Patty

    Roxio Photoshow 6

    I don't know, try calling support for the answer. 1-877-793-7485
  17. Patty

    Online Photo Editing

    I don't believe so.
  18. Patty

    Roxio And Pinnacle Tv Problem

    Glad to hear issue has been resolved.
  19. Another thing you can do if you really want to use what photoshow has to offer, you can make a slideshow with the stills and burn it to your computer. Insert it into videowave and edit it there and split where you want to insert the videos add your music. If you want to burn it to a DVD you will have to put it into MyDVD after that and your good to go. A little more work but then you will be able to use the things you like in photoshow and still have your video in it too. I have combined many programs this way, when there is something special I want to use. Just a thought.
  20. It is worth a shot.
  21. Do you mean a wmv format? When you are in the PhotoShow v6 on your PC on the same page as you were when you chose to download it onto your PC there was an option to upload it to your webpage...........did you do that?
  22. Patty

    making one dvd file with photos and mpeg file

    Right, but then I just adjust the volume of the audio track from the point that the video starts, either all the way down or just down enough to be light background. Just a thought, didn't mean to interrupt.
  23. Unless he chose to burn it to his hard drive from the desktop version. He would have to upload it to the online page and then choose the mp4.
  24. Patty

    making one dvd file with photos and mpeg file

    Walt, I am thinking they are adding the audio on the first audio track, therefore, when it gets to the video the audio ends because the video the native audio takes over.
  25. Patty

    Importing video clips

    They must be using version 6 because I think in V5 the clips just got cut short by the program. I don't remember there being a size limit until v6 came out and extended the length to 50mb. I just tested it and there was no limit to putting a longer video in the slideshow, however, the program cuts it off at a certain lenghth. Whereas in v6 the program won't accept a video if it is over the 50MB limit.