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    DVD-Audio vs. Music DVD

    Hi Bernie, thanks for your clarification that is again somehow different from what others are saying. I also noticed that the music is not in the Audio_TS but in the video_TS folder. However: I burnt a DVD with 2-channel music in PCM 24/96 and noticed that the size of the sound track on the dvd was about the same as that on my HD. What do you mean by AOB encoding? Does this mean that the DVD track will be compressed or encoded in a way that does not preserve the 24/96 format? How would this be compatible with the fact mentioned in the foregoing paragraph?
  2. treefrog

    doesn't do what is chosen in the menus..

    I burned a few music-dvds these days 1) and always asked for data verification. During the burn process no such process was indicated and the disk ejected immediately after burning the lead out track. 2) I unmarked the setting "Auto-play disk on insert" in the media window, but the burnt disks will start playing immediately when inserted in my dvd-player. This product lacks a lot of reliability. (using version 7.1.2)
  3. treefrog

    What if I purchased v7 two weeks ago?

    I purchased Toast v 7 two weeks ago and a few days later version 8 was out. I cannot see any reasonable upgrade offer for such unfortunate purchases of an older version while the new is already in the pipeline. That's annoying.
  4. treefrog

    DVD-Audio vs. Music DVD

    Hi, Tsantee, Thanks for your clarification, but what exactly do you mean by DVD-Audio would be a higher quality format than Music DVD (à la Toast)? I don't wish to burn iTunes music since this is 16/44.1 anyway, and I'm channeling those via Airtunes. I need a medium to play 24/88.2 or 24/96 on a Universal disk player that I hope to receive tomorrow. How does the quality of a PCM encoded hirez file on a Music DVD differ from a dedicated DVD-Audio? I appreciate your thoughts.
  5. treefrog

    DVD-Audio vs. Music DVD

    I purchased Toast 7 after it having been recommended to me as a possibility to burn dvd-Audios, i.e. hirez PCM music dvds. Unfortunately there was no option to download a temporary trial version for testing. Now, having installed Toast 7 I am finding out that Toast does NOT allow authoring/burning DVD-Audio. There is a sentence to that effect in the help menue: " A Music DVD should not be confused with a DVD-Audio disc."... well, so much I knew. My question, hence: What is the fundamental difference between a DVD-A and a Music DVD (set to PCM and 96KHz)? As I understand a Music DVD does not allow "in between sampling rates" such as 88.2. Is this right? Were my 100+ dollars for Toast thrown out of the window?