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  1. ksamdj

    Sound Editor Somtimes Cursor Is Gone.

    I have been using Roxio for many years. I'm always recording from vinyl then turning the files into MP3. I utilize the Audio Editor all the time to get rid of dead space and separate tracks. I currently use Roxio NXT 7 Pro working with Windows 10 Pro 64 which both were installed June 2019 and all was working well. Just recently the cursor stopped working in the Audio Editor just like Bruce in MA wrote back in 2012. What is troubling for me is other than tech speak questions and hassles, no one provided a fix for Bruce. My Roxio account reflects 10 licensed products which means I have spent a lot of money upgrading, and upgrading…….. I accomplished a clean re-install of Roxio which did not work. I re-installed Windows 10 Pro fresh wiping the C-drive clean, then re-installed Roxio. Cursor is still inop.
  2. ksamdj

    Starting windows hang-up

    I am in the same situation. I have been working with this software since before Christams. This morning I saw my computer do something that I have never seen (trying to unistall Drag-to-Disc) which I read on this forum to fix one of the applications hanging up. After some very intense momets I was able to restore to a point that I had created yesterday and now I'm back to having the old problems: Windows media player will not open everytime I open an application I get the register screen Music Dsic creator will not open I have had it! I will call to day and demand a refund. I cannot take any more chances with this stupid program.
  3. ksamdj

    LPs, Tapes to CD

    When you are in the Audio Editor is your sound card listed? I have noticed that even though my soundcard E-MU 1820m is listed I do not have all of the functions that I am supposed to. I would not think that you sould have to go out and buy new hardware to make the software work as long as you systems meets the basic requirements listed on the box.
  4. I purchased this software just before Christmas and I am still trying to get it to work properly. Here is my latest problem: Trying to find out why the Music Disc Creator Hangs I come back into the discussion forum from time to time to read what other people are experiencing / doing. Last night when I was trying to log in the system read that my e-mail and password combination were invalid so I had to have an e-mail sent to my to re-cover my password. The same thing happened this morning. All I wanted was to be able to continue to record music from LPs and be able to burn CDs. I have had registered versions of ROXIO since vers 5 was out. Vers 6 crashed my computer. 7 was working great until the upgrade to IE7 messed it up. Now with vers 9, I have been spending soo much time trying to get it to work my tolerance level is about to end. I have been reading the posts on this forum and you have got to tell me that ROXIO can't see all the greif and crap that people are having to go through to use this product? It's almost funny when you think how much money ROXIO has made from all of us and yet we continue to buy the next upgrade. There has to be a better way.
  5. I am now on the Third Install Of EMC 9. I have been reading this forum and have managed to fix: 1. Every time I opened an application I received the registration page. 2. Windows Media player would hang not open ANY files. I had to mess with the registry to fix these problems. I should not have to do that just to get some software to open! NOW, Music Disc Creator will not open. It just hangs and I have to go into task manager to turn it of. I read another thread and I downloaded the buffer overrun hotfix but that did not help. SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND: WHY DOES THE MUSIC DISC CREATOR HANG AND NOT OPEN? Pentium 4 2.66 GHZ 1 GB of Ram Creative Pro E-MU 1820m radoen 7500 (updated drviers) Windows XP pro Sp2
  6. ksamdj


    I see that my earlier entry on this topic was removed from the forum. I'm sorry my frustration got in the way of the communication: After I followed the advice and performed a "clean" install of EMC 9, except for being prompted at every application to register it seemed that all was well. I had to turn of my computer before I went to work due to the severe weather we had here in Texas. When I came back home my computer would not boot up from the off position. I had to hit the panic button which took me to the SAFE MODE then I was able to boot. Why would this have happened. The only way to get my computer back was to restore to before the Roxio Install. Now the progrm is no longer on my system and I am apprehensive of trying a THIRD install. Please, I need some help.
  7. ksamdj

    Registration Page

    I have already un-installed / re-installed. NOW my computer will not boot from the off position. I have to go to safe mode and then re-start. What the *&$ is going on. I am getting really fed up with this program. I am spending too much time trying to make it work.
  8. ksamdj

    Registration Page

    Alright. I have followed all of the advise I read from this forum and I now have EMC 9 back on my system: Why do I receive the registration page asking for my e-mail, name and country every time I open an application??? And, when I log in here to this website it shows that I have TWO Roxio Suite 9 regitered. What the heck is going on?
  9. ksamdj

    Registration Page

    Yes, my sytem has far more then what is required....... I didn't realize that upgrading to IE 7 was the problem until I tried to burn a DVD. Then after reading this forum I removed IE 7 and EMC 7 still didn't work.
  10. After the installation of EMC 9, every time I tried to open an application I would get the registration page that would promp me for my e-mail address, name and country. After doing this numerous times (closing and reopening program and reboot) I became frustrated and removed the program. I want to reinstall the program but I have been reading this forum and want to be shure that I can get it up and running without any more grief. I have already been bewildered over the crash of vers 7. ALSO, I noticed that when I did install the EMC 9 "Complete" during the install I was never prompted for the Content Disc. Is this normal?