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  1. Without more information, it's hard to tell. System specs are a good place to start. Other software may be conflicting with Roxio's Drag to Disc. Do you have Sonic DLA or Nero InCD installed or any other similar software installed? Are all your drivers up to date and firmware as well?




    Could nero being on the computer pose a real conflict?


    Clifton Duncan

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  2. Help, I am new at this. I have a new Dell XPS that I got in September 2006. Installed Media Creater 9. Tried to a burn a slideshow of pictures. Went through all of the process and when it got to burn, it just sat at zero percentage. Let it sit for over an hour. How long should this take if I only have 6 pictures and no sound? What does encoding mean? I used DVD-R disks. Is this the correct media?


    I called Dell and they checked some items and had no solutions other than to delete the program and then re-install it. I did this, it still did the same thing. I had previously called Roxio support and he had me go into the msconfig area and do a disable. This did not sound correct, but I did it. It still did not work. Dell helped me get that area back.


    I am a novice at this and just want to make slideshows on DVD's that I can play on the TV DVD player.


    Can you help me?




    I just got my Roxio 9 in November. I have a brand new Compaq, Presario. I have slowly moved into dvd burning. Learned as much as I could about CD Burning with the new system, as I had Roxio 5 & 6 for several years and it was very much part of my life computeing and being a music lover.

    I was able to make a Christmas Music DVD to play on yee'ole home theatre sytem in suround sound. It was time consumeing but really looked and sounded good.

    I wanted to do a holiday DVD Slideshow with pictures of my little 23 month old with MP3s from my hard drive. I put on about 60 jpegs and 2 mp3s was able to preview the very awsome looking presentation. I used fades & pans & zooms...really looked cool. I went to burn. Same as you. 0% for hours...no burn. Try to exit the program..it locks. Ctrl. Alt. Dlt does not release it...everytime I had to REBOOT.

    I have a Gig of ram on my machine so far, which should be more than enough for this programs requirements, so says Roxio. It did the same thing with with the Disc Copier program in Video Compilation mode....trying to burn .wmv & .mov video files to put on DVD to watch on the tube....( have had no problems burning dupes of CDs though.)


    I may reinstall my Roxio 9. I am rather frustrated too. Even tryed updating drivers for video cards and my two disc drives...nothing newer for any of them. Nothing has fixed the problem. I also have a problem with my MS Outlook freezing up after startup of the program...a couple of other posters have had this problem too after installing Roxio 9.


    Hope you find / found a solution. Sorry not much help in the end.


    Clifton Duncan

    Deep In The Heart Of Texas!


  3. If any installation corrupts your registry there are 2 possible problems:

    1) The software is dangerous - No one else has reported this so I assume this isnt the problem.

    2) Your system already was thinking of jumping off a cliff (having a lot of problems) and this installation just convinced it to do that. It might be time for a clean windows install.


    My brand new Compact Presario SR 1950 NX did the same thing...with the registry issue upon installation of The New Roxio 9.

    My Outlook Express Currently locks up with every other use...since installing Roxio 9. It launches & locks up after recieving incomming mail. It closes. I can launch it again and access my mail and the program info. This was essentially a new Install of the opperatiing system as it is a brand new computer. I knew I wanted the new Roxio for my new computer so I bought it right off the bat.

    If I was a Tech Trouble shooter at Roxio, I would not be so fast to dismiss this as a computer problem...reading a few post around here and one could very quickly come to the conclusion that there are some program bugs that a lot of people are having...It would not be Roxio's first bug historicly either.

    My computer & Roxio lock up when tring to compile & burn a slideshow DVD and when using disc copier to convert mov & or wmv files to a playable format (...make a DVD.)

    I figured with the DVD thing a Gig of Ram was probably insuficiant...now I really wonder.


    Clifton Duncan

    Deep In The Heart Of Texas!