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  1. I used a .jpg image that I took from a wedding I taped and used it as a background for the main menu in MyDVD. When I play the dvd on a DVD player, the background is black. It shows up when editing in MyDVD. Any ideas on what to do?
  2. Every time I try to select a movie from a dvd to convert, I get a message stating that the program has encountered an error and is closing. I can get as far as "add movie" then select a video from the file, but when I click on the file and the Video Copy and Convert screen comes up, the error message pops up and there's no choice but to close the program. I have checked and all of the updates have been downloaded and installed according to the Roxio updater. Any ideas?
  3. momof10

    Can't Change Transition Length In Videowave

    Hi, I went back and played with it again -- I added a color panel before the transition and then it let me set the transition for the length the color panel is displayed. Thanks!
  4. I cannot get the transition length to change in VideoWave even after following all of the instructions in the Help section several times. The time will only reduce (and then won't go back up), but not get larger. I tried doing a search for help on this issue on the discussion boards but kept getting an error that my search terms were too small (even though none of the words were less than 4 letters), so I'm sorry if this has been discussed before.