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    Lack Of Support

    I had the same luck trying to get teck support! Wonder why they cleaned all of the messages off the boards,you think it could be they don't won't potential customers to see how BAD a program they have release d???
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    I am getting an error: "The win16 subsystem was unable to enter protected mode,dos.exe must be in your autoexec.nt and present in your path" This happens when in PhotoSuite and trying to import a photo by scanning & from a camera. Has anyone else had this problem? Also If you make a DVD media project with more than one movie or slideshow you cannot link the buttons together. This program has some good features IF THEY WORKED. I have had Roxie products for years but this one is very disapointing! I am running a HP Pavilion a265c 2.8 intel pentium 4 512 meg ddr sdram Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 w/128 meg ram (drivers updated to latest)