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    I love free tools - Free Registry Cleaner

    I have error soft registry cleaner. It found about 250 errors. After that I read this thread and I installed AML Free Registry Cleaner and this found additional 1,500 errors, includin some of the Photoshop files. I am really skeptical about cleaning it. Did anyone have a bad luck with the AML? thanks,
  2. webwiz

    Another "glitch" in Vista

    After installing 12 Applications, 8 don't work. I don't intend to find the problems or do any research. I've had it with SP2 and WMP11. I am going back to my Windows XP pro and reformat complitelly the Window machine that I installed Vista. I heard that if you install Vista on the machine its not the same like you would purchase the computer that came with Vista.
  3. To me it doesn't matter who invented it... it's the one who starts. Windows are following with a lot of errors, which consumer supposed to fix on their own. We are the quality control, not the people from Microsoft, or Tech support from India. We are the one who are solving the problems, at least I am. 9 out of 10 times I solve the problems my self and one is the local paid support ($75 in hour). Isn't strange that today we are shocked if we are getting a good support?
  4. Vista operating system is identical to Apple OS. Windows always mimics Apple, starting with the mouse many years ago. Microsoft checks the compatibility with their own software only, for example Microsoft Office, Microsoft Money and etc. Other software companies upgrade and they charge for the upgrade. Why not... Microsoft just found a new way to generate profit for them. Microsoft, Windows, or any computer Tech support slowly moved to India. Three years ago it was 50, 50. I remember when I was lucky and got gentleman from Canada, the problem was solved even before I finished telling him the problem. It was incredible. And now even Apple moved their support to India. I was shocked when I asked the guy from Deli, "Sinse when the Apple moved their support to India?" he said it's been already 6 years. The good news that the Apple support people a little better educated. They understand English. There are at least a dozen of major computer software companies that moved their support to India. Last week I got a call from my Credit Company offering me special protection. At the beginning I thought it was HP support calling me back to follow up. He sounded the same... but it was my credit card officer. Wow!!! All I can say is.... I think we need to start learning a new language, Indian. And when Americam citizen will be asked what is your second language... you know the answer.
  5. This is the true story about the HP tech support. After installing the WMP11 which affected my Sonic Digital Media Home 7.0 that came with the computer, it was not easy to remove WMP11, I got "Your Uninstaller Pro" and it removed the player beautifully. (as well as the sonic drivers) After restarting the computer the Sonic Installer message asks to install disc 1 into the computer, which I did not have, because the HP doesn't ship with the computer. Contacting Roxio help they pointed the finger at HP support. Location, India. After spending 1 hour with questions and spelling about my name and address and serial numbers they directed me to tech support department another one hour of wait. Tech: What is your name? Me: I already told your friend all the information Tech: Sorry Sir, but I need to ask you again, this is the policy. After going over the same questions for 30 minutes I got upset. Me: Listen I called to ask you the questions and all I am doing is answering.... (2 hours) Tech: Ok, ok what seams to be the problem. (Another question) Me: My Application Recovery is no longer working and I can not reinstall the Sonic. Tech: Did you try to restart the computer Me: Yes about 75 times Tech: Did you try to burn the CD? Me: With what? I don't have the software any more. Tech: Did you try to burn the CD in the safe mode? Me: Please let me talk to your supervisor. ....A Moment of silence. Tech: Shot down the computer and do system recovery. Me: What? I have 125 applications and I will have to reinstall all of them!!! Tech: This is only way, sir. Me: It will take me 5 days to do that Tech: You called here for the support and I am trying to help. Please do not worry I will resolve the issue. Me: Can I talk to the second level support? Tech: There is no second level, this is the highest level. Me: Can I talk to your supervisor to give you a raise that you could get a higher education? Tech: Silence. Me: Hello... hello... Tech: Yes, yes one minute I need to check my resources if there is another way to help. After holding for an hour I hear the beeping noise and telephone ladies voice: "If you like to make a call, please hang up and try again!" I am sure when people will read this can identify with their own experiences. I have nothing against this poor guy, but what is really upsets to me that I paid $300 for 3 years HP support and $3800 for custom built HP Pavilion. Is this the proper way for HP to run their business. I found this on internet when I was looking for solutions. http://www.illwillpress.com/tech.html
  6. Very funny. Knowing a little about the programming each computer should have 1 main oparating system and second is the controller, that would check and fix the OS errors.
  7. I hope that one of these days there will be only one great Operating System. And when the error pops up the computer will tell you what to do to fix it. And when you get a virus simply delete it will delete without you knowing it. The OS will be called Apindow... maybe.
  8. I have 2 Window machines and 2 G5 Apple computers. Here are my observations. With Apple you forget about the tech support existence, in fact you forget that you have a computer. It becomes a tool that you are using like a watch or a car that doesn't give you any problems. Windows... there was never a week without a problem from little one to medium or major. years ago the windows machines were more stable than now. As technology progresses there are more mistakes occur. Why am I using Windows, because there are many more software written for Windows than for the Apple. On the other hand I like the fact that Apple has only 4% of users... it safe to use because hackers don’t develop any viruses for the minority.
  9. The WMP 10 is as good as 9. I never had any problems with it. You can download it from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...lDownloads.aspx
  10. If you are installing IE 7, get ready for a lot of errors on browsing. Some of the websites don't support IE7. And Vista..... Good luck! Many software companies can't keep up with with the fast upgrades. Look for example Adobe Photoshop CS. Adobe release CS and by the time people learn how to use it, they introduce CS2. And now they have already CS3. It's all business. They don't care that half of 3rd party plugins don't work with CS3. What is regarding WMP11.. to bad, it's very nice player, that effects my EMC 7 that came with the computer. Well, do I remove it and buy EMC 9, which will do the same thing. Roxio upgrade could offer a little better deal to upgrade, ($20 off). Their retail with the 20% discount is now the same price like the upgrade. Don't understand.
  11. If you are using Acronis, you need to create the Image - Start up disc. Restart your computer using this disc. If you are using the Windows on your computer as start up the changes might not work, it will be similar as Windows system restore. Hope this helps.
  12. Depends how you use system restore... you have to repartition the drives, which means erasing all the changes you have made. Some people are sceptical, but I used dozen of times on my 3 computers, and it never failed.
  13. I have good news for all the people who would like to experiment downloading WMP11, IE7 or any other updates from Microsoft. I purchased an incredible back up -restore software Acronis10 Home, that has great system restore. I had lot of problems with WMP11 I rolled back to 10, but my computer was never the same. Thanks to Acronis!!! Going back 2 weeks (backing up the new files of course) it restored back to the day where everything was working fine with WMP10. Not a slight sight of sense of WMP11. With Acronis I feel that I am protected 100%. I download new programs and experiment without any fear. What regards windows system restore... all I can say is simply a joke. It never worked and it never will. If you have a virus or damaged your registry it will never fix it. Did you read on Symantec or MacAfee site that system restore will never delete the virus? I think Microsoft should take it off their tools unless they will improve its functionality.
  14. I agree that Apple is selling more computers since a lot of people start having issues with window machines. We forget one thing that Bill Gates gaining from it because he owns 25% of shares. The money simply come to another pocket.
  15. I am giving up with Microsoft support, because I have wasted hours and days to talk to them. As you all know the paid support is located in India and the technician qualifications (who are making $20 per week) are equal to their salaries. The answers I received: "reformat the drive, reinstall the software, and the latest one "Talk to Roxio they should be able to help you." I am posting this again: "if Microsoft would spent more budget to educate people from India or hire local support we would not have so many issues and problems."