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    Mobile Phone .3g2 files

    Does anyone know if the Decoder Pack works with 3g2 format. The 3g2 format stores video streams as MPEG-4 or H.263, and audio streams as AAC-LC formats (the 3gp format stores the audio as AMR-NB). I would like to use my Mobile Phone (Samsung MM-A900) created video in some of my Easy Media Creator 8 DVDs that I am making of family memories. thanks Todd.
  2. kansascrow

    How To Avoid Re-rendering Mpeg2 Video In Mydvd?

    What shareware editor do you use?
  3. In the preview pane I can't seem to see the play/forward/next frame buttons? I'm in timeline view and have the following sub-windows in view: Add Content Tools Preview Production Editor:Timeline - Production... (I would add an image, but can't seem to figure out how to on these new boards.) Thanks, Todd.
  4. kansascrow

    Pan And Zoom Editor - Advanced

    Kind of a silly question - how do you get to the Pan & Zoom editor?
  5. kansascrow

    I Like The New Boards

    Much easier to read all replys to a question. Thanks for the new boards.