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    Missing Photos from SlideShow

    I'm back. I went ahead and created the slide show within VideoWave and all worked fine. I made sure to be disconnected from the net and my firewall/AV was disabled. Also, I defraged my hard drive. It took about 6 hrs to encode a 4.5 gig video. That's a long time. Once again, thanks for all the troubleshooting techniques.

    Missing Photos from SlideShow

    Thanks for the troubleshooting, however, my drives are formated for NTFS. I will go ahead and try to create the slide show in Videowave and hopefully that will solve the problem. I really never had problems with ROXIO except for it's picky nature when it comes to video cards and resource management. It seems like the app. is a real resource hog. But then again I am using it for video editing and 1 hour of video footage is approx. 12 gigs. Thanks for the troubleshooting techniques. I will go ahead and post back when all is finished.

    Missing Photos from SlideShow

    Thanks Skins. You are correct in that I have already updated my video card graphics driver. Also, I just ran a dxdiag and I am running DirectX 9c. I did shutdown my antivirus and was disconnected from the web. I have learned that when encoding a DVD or just plain working with ROXIO you need to free up as much resources as possible. As for burning to an ISO, that is the only way I do it. Everything you mentioned I have already done. The only tough thing is that when a production gets over 4gigs, ROXIO starts freaking out. I will try and defrag my hard drive before encoding again. If you have any other suggestions that would be great. By the way, the slide show was created in MyDVD. I was thinking of deleting the slide show and rebuilding it. However, that would be a work around and I would hate for that to be the fix.
  4. Hey folks, I just finished creating a movie production of our trip to Disneyland. It contains movies and slide shows. The bummer part is that after burning the production the slide show is missing photos. At first I thought it was a glitch, so I went back and edited the slide show. However, the next encoding was even worse. I started losing more photos. What I mean is that there would be a black screen where the photo was. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I would hate to recreate this because it's huge. Thanks...


    Aloha folks. I just updated my ATI driver to 7.4 I currently am using a Sapphire 256 DDR 2 ATI graphics card. However, I do not see the DAO in my control panel when I go to the Add and Remove Programs. Is this a vital part that I need? So far everything has been working ok except for some slight graphic issues such as when I'm using ROXIO and go to resize or move the screen the mouse becomes all pixelated. So, how can I tell if I have DAO installed and is it vital to running ROXIO?

    VideoWave 8

    Yeah, I've noticed this too. However, if you wait a couple of seconds before launching another application (ROXIO) the task goes away. I noticed this when I was editing in VideoWave and then launching MyDVD. Sometimes MyDVD would not even come up. Give it a shot, it works for me...

    DVD / CD reading problems.

    I'll place the CD in the drive and then go to either trying and view the info in my explorer window or try and use Easy Media Creator. It's quite odd.

    DVD / CD reading problems.

    Aloha folks, I've been noticing that my DVD/CD burner-player has been sensitive to certain music cd's. Sometimes it will freeze my computer and the only thing that works is my task manager. I then have to restart my computer. I used the rxfilter to disable a specific issue that I was having. I'm not totally sure what it does but all I can remember is that it has something to do with packet writing. Anyway, is there any way to identify the problem? I am running Roxio 8 with iTunes 7.1. Could both these applications be trying to access the CD?

    Pointer icon becomes artifact

    Thanks for the suggestions, however, I rebuilt my machine about 2 weeks ago. I left my PCI-E graphics card in while I reloaded XP. Also, I made sure not to load any of the display drivers for my onboard video. However, my motherboard uses NFORCE 410. I'm not sure how this works, but when I upgraded my chipset driver does it automatically update the onboard video? I looked in the BIOS to try and disable the onboard video but I am only allowed to select 2 options: automatic, onboard. I currently have it set to automatic and when I look at my display driver it states that I am using my ATI card. I was also wondering if installing the patch for ROXIO 8 -> 8.0.5 would have any positive impact? Does anyone know what the patch actually does?
  10. Hey there folks. I've noticed that after I upgraded my video card from onboard 64meg to a 256 PCI-E card that my point/mouse icon gets all screwy in ROXIO. The reason I mention this is because of a interesting problem I am encountering when upgrading my video card. Originally I had a NVIDIA onboard graphics card and everything worked fine. I was able to burn without problems. However, after upgrading I am no longer able to burn using Hardware because of the shaky output. I've read about this in other forums but it still does not make sense. Especially, since the onboard video was allowing me to do 3D transitions just fine. Anyway, I've noticed that my pointer/mouse becomes this pixelated icon when I try to resize screen and or panels. I did not have this problem before. I'm trying to figure out if my video card is bad or what is going on. My current VC is a Sapphire ATI 256 DDR2 card. I replaced a NVIDIA onboard video card. All my drivers are up-to-date. As for as I can tell, everything is just fine. I do not see this happen in any other application just ROXIO. I know it's not a big deal but I'm just trying to figure out why the video upgrade has caused problems within ROXIO. Tonight I will run a dxdiag to see if everything is ok. Anyway, does anyone have some troubleshooting suggestions and/or knowledge regarding this?

    Dell Computers

    I hear what you are saying, however, you don't hear too many complaints with folks that have a Compaq or HP or even a Gateway. Is this because those companies don't provide a burning software. I agree with the reformat method. I've owned a Gateway and a Dell. Then I struggled to build my own computer. After numerous hours of cursing I was done. Was the heartache worth it? Not at first, but I would definitely build another. My only quarrel with ROXIO is the hardware vs. software rending. But this is not the place for it. Anyway, hopefully some folks will read this and be enlightened. No matter what you choose (custom vs. prebuilt) always check your software and post kindly to the folks on this forum. They are not out to get you

    Dell Computers

    How come I see all these Dell computers with problems? At one time I had a Dell and it was just ok. Nothing specially. After purchasing a preconfigured computer with a bunch of crap on it I vowed not to purchase another one. Anyway, what is the deal with Dell??? Just some friendly conversation...

    Video Editing

    Aloha folks, I am about to purchase a new Hard Drive and would like to know if folks partition there drives for video editing? If so, what is the advantage? Thanks...

    Poor Video Output

    Aloha, I checked out the tips and tricks but had trouble finding the performance and quality setting within the ATI Catalyst Control Center. I currently have Antialiasing and Anistropic filtering set to Application controled but where do I set the "performance" and "quality settings"? Also, I went into my BIOS and change the Init Display First setting to my new graphics card (PCI-E). I have not tried burning a new DVD yet but I hope this works. It was really interesting to see that I could produce videos just fine with my onboard graphics card (64meg) NVIDIA 6100 but once I put in a robust 256meg ATI card things went downhill. Does anyone have insight on this? The only thing I could figure is that ROXIO does not see the video card. Is there a way to make sure ROXIO is using a specific device? Thanks...

    Poor Video Output

    OK, here is what I found out. I have the newest driver installed for my Graphics Card and I have the Tools->Options set to Hardware. I assumed my graphics card (Sapphire 256meg DDR2 - ATI) would be sufficient to produce a quality video. However, when using the hardware option the video comes out like crap. I switched over to software and everything looks fine. What is up with that? Do we need a graphics card on steriods or what? Can anyone give me any insight on this? Are there other folks experiencing this same problem? If so, how do you workaround this. It takes forever to procude a movie using the software setting (1+hr) for two 4 minute videos using the software setting. It only takes 15 minutes using the hardware setting. Something does not seem right.