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    Emc 8 Install Failure (still)

    Call Element 5 at 800-406-4966. You have 30 days. I had ordered mine on 12/9 and received the Backup CD's on 12/31. Spend the hoiday weekend struggling with it and attempting to get a response from Roxio Support. They e-mailed me a notice of credit on my credit card within 10 minutes. I may try to get the retail version. Actually, I think it may be cheaper from Costco and they also have a $20 rebate!!!
  2. marion_hart

    Emc 8 Install Failure (still)

    I've had the exact same problem. The file on the backup CD isn't any good. The windows installer causes some files to be overwritten during the unpack process. This means that when setup runs, it can't find all the needed files. I unpacked the file using Winzip (it is a zipped file) and tried to install it that way. Then I found that most of the executibles were missing. The unzipped package didn't include a cab file or any exe files. I just got a refund credited to my credit card a few minutes ago. I think that Roxio support is seriously lacking.
  3. My first post on this forum. My problem is two fold. First, my update for EMC to version 8 will not install properly, and secondly, the support for Roxio seems to be extremely limited, unless you want to pay for it. I don't have access to a broadband connections, so I upgraded to EMC 8 by purchasing the backup CD's. They arrived on new years eve and Ive not been able to install it. I'm experienced enough to recognize a failed installation when the installer overwrites (or doesn't overwrite) files it has just installed. In either case, setup fails. I also unpacked the files with Winzip and used the embedded Setup.exe. This works to a point, until you discover some or all of the executibles are missing and the unzipped package doesn't include any cab files that could be containing them. So, my question is how do you get support from Roxio? This problem is not addressed in the automated support, and I've never received any relevant response to the so-called self-help Web Ticket (mine is still outstanding, although I've updated it as I find new information on the installation problem.