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    Toast 7 does not see blank disks

    thanks for the help. i installed the Combined System Update, reinstalled Toast 7.0 and switched the firewire connection on the back of the HD. i was told by an Apple tech that burners can be somewhat touchy and switching the plug location "could" help reestablish the connection. but... i've been too busy and too afraid to even try it all again. i will in a few hours.
  2. cityview

    Toast 7 does not see blank disks

    yeah, i do run OSX 10.4.8 which is the latest. i did upgrade to Toast 7.1.2, though. should i take it off and go back to 7.0?
  3. cityview

    Toast 7 does not see blank disks

    when i purchased a new Lacie DVD burner and installed Toast 7, it all worked great for about 2 months. then for some reason, both the HD internal CD burner and external Lacie drive would not recognise blank disks. after much time searching tech support on Apple, Lacie and Roxio... i reset the PRAM and power management unit. the HD internal CD burner did return to the desktop, but the Lacie external still will not recognise blank disks. i've tried different types of media such as Sony and Memorex and still have the same error when burning. my computer, G4 running 10.4.8, DOES see the external drive, too. As well, Toast even recognises the drive. But when i click burn DVD, i get an error that says "no disk." i've also updated my computer with the latest Tool Manager from Lacie(?) but still get the error. And for some reason when updating the Disc Recording software, the installer quits. anyone out there with any help?