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    Why Doesn't this Crop?

    Does anyone have any idea how to get this program to make proper .mp4s, without a letterbox, for the iPhone? Is it possible or is it beyond the limited abilities of this program? Is there any real technical support for Popcorn?
  2. jonro

    Popcorn 3 Movies Don't Fill Up My Hdtv Screen

    So far, I haven't found anything that Popcorn does correctly or as expected. If I rip a Video_TS folder for the iPhone with Handbrake or with MacTheRipper, it just works. I still have not found a setting within Popcorn that creates a proper mp4 without being letter boxed. This program is poorly supported, poorly documented and poorly written. Has anyone been able to make this work correctly?
  3. jonro

    Why Doesn't this Crop?

    I'm saving a movie as H.264/mp4 for the iPhone, with a custom resolution of 480 x 320, and cannot find the setting that will crop the video without a letterbox around it. The poor, sparse online knowledge base doesn't provide any useful information.
  4. jonro

    Using External Recorder - Error Code -42884

    This does not work. Toast is running on the other computer and my computer does not see the shared recorder. I get a -42884 error message.
  5. jonro

    Popcorn 3 Movies Don't Fill Up My Hdtv Screen

    My guess is that you are doing nothing wrong. I suspect that Popcorn is a buggy piece of cr*p that doesn't do much of anything correctly. That's why there isn't any real support for this product.
  6. I'm exporting a movie to an mp4 file. It will only display under TV shows in iTunes. I can't get it to display under movies. Popcorn is a buggy piece of software with an mediocre interface and extremely poor support.
  7. jonro

    Using External Recorder - Error Code -42884

    I don't think that's the case. I believe all you need is to have DVD Sharing enabled on the other computer.
  8. I'm trying to use the DVD drive on my MacBook Pro as a shared recorder. I turned on the preferences in sharing and I entered the network address of that laptop in Popcorn. I tried this using both Ethernet and Wireless networking. When I try to copy a DVD, I get an error message that says, "Could not record the disc because the ToastAnywhere connection could not be established. Result Code = -42884" I can't find any help topics on this issue. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. jonro

    Why does it take so long to convert to iPod?

    This is the most useless piece of software I have ever purchased. It does nearly nothing useful and takes all day to do it.