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    Dvd To Memory Sticks

    Thanks everyone, I took Brendon's suggestion and slightly modified it. I was able to drag the TS file into my Roxio NXT and convert it to a MP4 file which should do what I need it to do.
  2. BigWI

    Dvd To Memory Sticks

    Yes, memory stick, flash drive, thumb drive I coach baseball and take videos of my players and have DVD's of older players pitching. I would like to copy these DVD's and give them to my coaches/parents to use as references. Need to be able to play them on either TV or computer. Maybe convert them to MP4?
  3. BigWI

    Dvd To Memory Sticks

    I want to be able to share these with friends, and don't want to have them have to load special software. Will try that on my TV this afternoon. Thanks
  4. BigWI

    Dvd To Memory Sticks

  5. BigWI

    Dvd To Memory Sticks

    I currently have NXT Pro 3 and was wondering if version 6 would allow me to copy (non commercial) DVD's to memory sticks and play them? TIA
  6. BigWI

    MYDVD vs. VideoWave Quality

    Sorry I have been out of town for a couple of days. I didn't do a lot, I captured the video via the firewire, edited the video with Videowave. It's a training video so I did simple editing of wasted space, etc. Then I sent it to My DVD added menu and chapters and burned the DVD. After reading this thread, I tired Software and Hardware both with little difference. I have an HP Pavillion My7100 3 GHz 2mb Ram 160gb internal Hard Drive Windows XP Media Built in video on mother board with an Intel chipset Sony TRV310 Digital8 Handy cam Firewire Capture BTW, How do I check to see what version of DirectX I have? As I said the quaility was pretty good at version 7 and went down quite a bit with version 9.
  7. BigWI

    MYDVD vs. VideoWave Quality

    I am in the same boat as you. I just "upgraded" from version 7 to version 9 and am appalled at the quality of the output. I will print out this thread and try to figure out what you did to improve it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. BigWI

    Audio Voice over

    Here is what I need to do....... I am creating a baseball drill DVD for new coaches in our youth baseball league. I want to tape the drills, edit the video to suit my needs and then do a voice over for each drill. I assume this can be done with Videowave, Can it be done easily? Does it do a decent job? I assume I can create Chapters for the DVD so they can go to the drills they are looking for. How easy is it to create chapters? How good is the documentation? I currently have version 7, is ther eenough improvemet in these areas to justify upgrading to version 9? Thanks in advance Darrell