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  1. Hi Brendon, sorry for late reply. Many thanks for that, that fixed issue. What one needs to do with 2010 version to get it to run in Windows 10, is use Windows Compabaility option and make it run as as Windows 7, gather you'd know this. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi Brendon, thanks for reply post. Ah I didn't instal SP1, now where can on eget that now, USb external HD are goo duntil they get corrupted, although only certain files I cannot get off it and of coruse it is this one. Roxio Software update page has Sp1 details but no link to download it. Not sure why. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/c2010/software_updates.html . Have to contact them I​ guess. Cheers Phil​ ​
  3. Hi, trsing to install SP to Creator 2010 and I get this error. Creator 10 Sp2 Patch install issue cannot delete target file Program files Roxio 2010\\Roxio Central5\ RCEngine4.dll​ I'm running Windows 10 pro, is this the cause as programmed worked okay on Windows 7. Thanks in advance Phil
  4. philby

    Bd Cinema Player Help

    Thanks Jim, that makes 2 of us, I don't get it either.
  5. philby

    Bd Cinema Player Help

    nothing, BD is a fussy player, I worked out from help, that S stops a movie, spacebar pauses etc, and they work fine from a movie I play off my HD, but any of the 3 Blu ray 3D discs I try, none of these commands do anything,. In fact it won't go past a menu on one of them, yet on anotehr 3D player I got recenelty for Nvidia 3D vision, Cyberlink Power DVD, they are fine, I will stick with that program from now, Roxio has just made BD player too fussy or hard to use. Waist of $40 or so this has been! Power DVD even plays other version of 3D videos I downloaded, yet ROxio BD doesn't even find those files. I cannot even take any screen captures to show what is happening, as only way to get out of program is to log off windows. As pressing ctrl, alt del to start task manager, doesn't even help, as it goes back to the player. COuld they have made this anymore harder to use,!! Power DVD that little remote control comes up, and one can use that to control what is happening, I cannot get that to come up in Roxio BD, even I fresh install, still it won't show, I think it did the first time I ever installed it, don't ask me why it hasn't since. Thanks for your help mate, not your fault, this is Roxio's issue and my last support reuqest hasn't even been answered. Why is it so fussy and near imposible for it to play blu ray discs.
  6. philby

    Bd Cinema Player Help

    Thanks for replies. Yeah I understand all that, but that is what is so strange, I haven't got it turned off, that warning does come up, but as soon as player goes into full window mode ( even though I have in settings for it not to automatically go to full window mode, although that is when a disc is detected), I cannot access those controls. They just disappear. Even tried a 2d movie from my HD, same issue. I don't get a chance to click on that remote control menu think to left of play / stop button, Yes all updates installed as same with Windows etc. I've tried unistalling program and reinstall. No change. Obviosuly issue I guess is to stop it going into full screen when it plays a movie, although I cannot see in settings how to do that. Cheers Phil
  7. philby

    Bd Cinema Player Help

    Hi thanks for reply. Version is 5.61, stand alone one. Even if I click on the "<" that the message that pops up when one goes to play a Blu Ray title, which makes the menu buttons show next to play button, as soon as any movie starts lplaying from 3 discs I have, I cannot see those or any of the controls. This only happens in full screen mode. Even happens when I play a DVD in 3D conversion mode. I think once I saw pop up what I would call a remote control, but have not seen that come up anymore. Sounds strange doesn't it? Any suggestions, most welcomed, I've reported this to Roxio support, a few times and to be honest their replies have been of little use, as they don't seem to understand the problem I am having. Cheers Phil
  8. philby

    Bd Cinema Player Help

    Hi, Not sure if this is right forum for this question, anyway, When I play any of my Blu Ray discs, I cannot stop the movie playing, actually I cannot get out of BD cinema player, without actually roobting syste, Why would this be, any suggesitons? Thanks Phil I am running Roxio BD Cinema 3D player. Win 7 64bit Intel Quad expre core cpu 9650 8gb DDR3 ram. Nvidia GTX 285 Driver version 266.58 3D Vision kit. Acer 24 inch 3D Monitor set to 120resfresh rate. Firmware is up to date for LG Blu ray player burner.
  9. philby

    Cinema Player Bd Problem

    I am having trouble witha 3D blu ray disc playing with Cinema Player BD, which forum should I post to with what problem is. Which is cin player locks up when I get to Menu if the disc. Thanks Phil
  10. philby

    Creating Labels problem

    Hi, thanks for reply. Out of memory was the only message I got. Which thinking about it may of had something to do with images I had inside file. Although I do not no why it would on just one label file and not the others. Anyway I sort of did what you said ( didn't uninstall or reinstall anything) Just deleted the file that had the problem and started a new from scratch, now all seems okay. I have noticed a couple of times when I have closed the Label maker prgram, I get an RM DB9 module error Although I think that is more Vista issue than Roxio Label creator, as I get that sort of errors with a couple of other programs when I exit from them. Although they say the program has not full installed, yet it has. Vista is a real funny one, never had issues like this with XP even before Service packs. Maybe it's because I running the 64bit version. I'll be very surprised we don't see a Service pack for Vista anytime soon. Cheers Phil
  11. philby

    Creating Labels problem

    Hi , I have saved a project of a DVD booklet and now when I go to open it, I get an out of memory error, don't understand why? I've also been getting some mesaages about a module has stopped working. I am running Roxio Label Creator V9 Win Vista 64bit Ultimate Nvida Ge Force 800 video card 4gb ram.
  12. philby

    EMC 8 drag to disc will not read media

    Thanks I'll give them a try
  13. Hi, I get a feeling from reading other posts here, that drag to disc is not a good option for backing up data. but this is the first time I've had this problem. I've done a fresh install of Windows and was able to copy almost every folder and files fro back up dvd-rw disc, except for two folders. Every time I click on those folders, I get a error message saying cannot access media. I've tried scan disc to recover files, but all that did was copy the file names, e.g. excel files, but there is no data inside any of the files receovered. Any suggestions most welcome Thanks Phil Pent D 3.2ghz. Nvidia GE 6800 256mb 4gb ram 533mhz Windows XP Pro sp2