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    Photosuite Edging Tool

    It was edge i was talking about not edge fading.
  2. awoo87

    Photosuite Edging Tool

    I have V9 and V10 installed the edging tool works in V10 with mine but i get V9 content not V10 content.
  3. awoo87

    Question about EMC10 Label Creator

    It does'nt from edit paste but if you right click then paste it does.
  4. awoo87

    Back ups

    Just had alook at the unpacked download file on my HD and the content is in its own folder and has its own installer package.
  5. awoo87

    CinePlayer Problems

    Mine doesn't just play automatically and just sits there too. Frank... Mine plays automatically wether I put the disc straight in the drive or cineplayer is already open. Open the tools tab looks like a spanner you can set cineplayer to be the default player and specify which drive itshould look for the disc.This is with it running under XP pro.
  6. Downloaded 10 yesterday and installed last night so far everything works no problem and thats with EMC 9 still installed. Did the usual things before installing malware & spyware scan defraged and on installation turned the AV off and disconnected from the net.
  7. awoo87

    Anyone going to try EMC10?

    I'm downloading now file size shows as 1.42GB
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    Please don't
  9. awoo87

    A Great Video Production

    Thanks bruce that was great
  10. awoo87

    Photo in Videowave Help

    Hi Roxann, Give this thread a read thru it might help. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...l=black+borders
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    The ultimate in indulgence
  12. awoo87


    No idea it was emailed to me by a mate.
  13. awoo87

    Tap it, don't scrap it

  14. awoo87

    Some photos in DVD not smooth - appear jiggly

    You could try smart blur in Photosuite its under special effects in the bottom L/H pane.
  15. awoo87

    Tap it, don't scrap it

    Only if your from Queensland, and together with Fosters our two worst exports.
  16. awoo87

    Tap it, don't scrap it

    Our kegs are 18 Imp gallons (21.617 US gallons) which have caused a few headaches the day after.
  17. awoo87

    Personal Photo

    I use photobucket. http://photobucket.com/
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    Great sight Frank.
  19. awoo87

    Live Share did work fine, now won't share

    I reached it from the home page. I've never been able to get liveshare to work in V8 or V9 i think it's something to do with my router because if i bypass the router it did work but i havn' t tried that with V9.
  20. awoo87

    Live Share did work fine, now won't share

    My EMC 9 Looks like this.
  21. awoo87

    Roxio Creator 9

    It can be done if you open the photo project from the c drive it opens up in photosuite you can then add extra pages and then copy paste from the other pages. To change the photos go to the top menu photo , open/create then replace photo.
  22. awoo87

    San Jose City Hall Falcon Cam

    Works ok for me to with Firefox
  23. awoo87

    No brush for Remove Red Eye button

    Tried all of the above suggestions still no circle. my res is 1280 x 1024.
  24. awoo87

    No brush for Remove Red Eye button

    Hi Jim Just tried it and mine is the same. Tried a repair from the control panel made no difference. My copy of EMC9 is the downloaded version don't know if that makes a difference? The version # from help about is (Build 900B800I ENU). Also the brush size is 2min-16max.