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    One huge slideshow?

    To make a play all button The easiest way: Open MyDVD Click ADD MOVIE Navigate to your file. Hold down the Control key and click on each file. Click Add button This puts all the files under one button. If they aren't in the correct order, you can click on EDIT MOVIE. In the storyboard mode, just drag the panels in the correct order. Click BACK TO MENU Rename the button PLAY ALL Select the button and copy to clipboard Move the button slightly Paste back the clipboard Move this button and rename SELECT MOVIE (or whatever) Right click on it and EDIT CHAPTER Put a chapter mark where the begining of each movie was. Done You should have two buttons: Play ALL and Select Movie The Select Movie button will take you to a submenu where the viewer can choose for those files you added. Courtesy of Gary Russel (Guru)
  2. awoo87

    Printing in Roxio Label Creator

    Try this FIX
  3. awoo87

    Live Share

    Hi All Anybody had any luck getting it working. I've tried all the settings i can think of for my router and firewall and all i get is the connection has timed out the server at [ip address removed] is taking to long to respond. Any Ideas would be welcome it's the only part of the suite i can't get working.
  4. awoo87

    Icon Size

    Right click on the big icon and see what you get.
  5. awoo87

    Scanning Photos

    Hi Ron I use the Canon 8400F and have had great results. It comes with a neg & slide scanner attachment so all bases are covered. I'm putting the family history together as slide shows which starts in the 1920's.
  6. awoo87

    Live Share

    Hi Jay Patrick said to forward ports 10075-10085. No i hav'nt got it working yet just no time at the moment but that will change after next week as i just quit my job. I've got a new D-Link router (DI-704P) to try so cruise past these boards every now and again to check my progress.
  7. awoo87

    Video Wave Question

    Hi Guys I have the suite version of EMC 8 and that function is available, just tried it to make sure. Works just like you posted.
  8. awoo87

    Live Share

    Your welcome Jay.
  9. awoo87

    EMC 8 on Windows XP x64

    Why are you posting in this thread. you should start a new topic in DVD / Video
  10. Hi Have you tried the two fixes at the top of the page. I had to disable the RX filter to get my drives back to normal.
  11. awoo87

    Live Share

    Hi You might need to set up static IP addresses for your lan so that the port forwarding works. As above it works for me if i connect the modem without going thru the router. I found a good sight Here on how to do that. Hope it helps.
  12. awoo87

    Background Color

    Your welcome.
  13. awoo87

    Background Color

    Hi Yes there is away to do it, in storyline veiw add your color panel then select add photo/video brouse to the photo you want double click it then on the screen that pops up select the last option insert on internal overlay track of selected panel once you've done that you can resize the photo to suit. Hope that helps you do want you want.
  14. awoo87

    mpeg4 incompatibility

    Hi Gary You have the deluxe version of EMC 8 don't you? I don't think the essentials & suite versions support Mpeg-4.
  15. I don't see what the problem is last time i checked the calender it's still April.
  16. awoo87

    Procedure For Best Dvd Quality

    Hi Australia is the same as England ( Pal ). That said most new tv's and players support both formats down here now my son quite often buys DVD's from the U.S and they play fine.
  17. awoo87

    Disc Copier - ISO filter

    Mine defaults to all media files.
  18. awoo87

    Disc Copier - ISO filter

    I did'nt apply the 805 update as mine is working fine as is the only other hot fix i applied was for the RX filter.
  19. awoo87

    Disc Copier - ISO filter

    Interesting it shows up in mine. Just to test it i burnt a small clip as a iso file to see if it showed up it does, maybe it has ssomething to do with the version of EMC 8.
  20. Did you install 7.5 after 8? If you did just do a repair install of 8.
  21. awoo87

    Play All Button

    Hi Gary The number of times you repeat how to add a play all button you should pin it to the top of the pageand save yourself some typing lol!
  22. awoo87

    Emc8 -slide Show Won't Work

    Same here but i just tried it and worked fine i notice in the OP signature theres no video card listed.Maybe this is the problem also do you have the latest Direct-X Feb 2006 i think.
  23. awoo87

    Emc8 -slide Show Won't Work

    It's in photo on the home page and opens slideshow assistant. But Bruce is right use videowave it gives you alot more options.
  24. awoo87

    Label Creator: Showing Track Durations In Minutes

    Hi Guys Just checked a few of mine and some are in minutes:seconds and others are in seconds only maybe caused by how the info is put on the original disc!
  25. awoo87


    Hi Guys Interesting mine was the same only showing the same two templates but upon checking the contents folder on the C drive they were all there. Anyway did a remove and reinstall now they all show up.