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    "good" Install

    Hi might pay to defrag the HD disconnect from the net and turn off your AV before the install thats what i did and had no probs with the program. Good luck hope it all works well for you this time.
  2. awoo87

    Photo Suite

    Hi I use the Canon 8400F works great with EMC 8
  3. awoo87

    Auto Fill For Labels

    Hi Right click on the song title box and select edit text.
  4. awoo87

    Best Pc Case Show... Look At These

    I'd have to go with the V8 being a drag racer from way back.
  5. awoo87

    Print Contact Sheet

    See thisMy Webpage
  6. awoo87

    Copy Or Drag From Media Manager Search Pane ?

    Your guess is as good as mine Bruce but it can be done.
  7. awoo87

    Create Slideshow

    Hi Guys You can also do it from within EMC 8 Heres how. 1 From home select photo (RH pane) 2 Select print photos (LH pane) which will open a new window. 3 On the left in layout select as a contact sheet. 4 Then go up to the icon in the top RH pane & click on the blue folder this will open media manager select the photos you want click add. 5 You can then play around with the rows columns & spacing in layout to get the sheet how you want it. 6 Then click print.
  8. awoo87

    Copy Or Drag From Media Manager Search Pane ?

    Mines the same would'nt copy & paste to the desktop but had no trouble dragging a copy there.
  9. awoo87

    Backup Mypc X64

    Hi from what I understand Backup MyPC is the only part that does'nt have support for x64.
  10. awoo87

    Mydvd Options Not Working

    Hi Hans You can add a play all button try this. Another user posted a very simple solution: Create a MyDVD project Add your video file Click on the thumbnail and copy to clipboard Rename this thumbnail to PLAY ALL Paste the clipboard back and move the thumbnail to another location Right click on it and edit chapters Rename this thumbnail - Play Scenes Technically you have two buttons that 'point' to the same video. The second one will create a submenu to select scenes. I've used this several times and works fine.
  11. awoo87

    Limit Capture Time In Creator 8?

    Don't know if this helps.
  12. awoo87

    Dvd Menu Options

    Your welcome.
  13. awoo87

    Dvd Menu Options

    Hi Paul My settings icon is greyed out like the op the only way i can get to the settings is by hitting Ctrl+r but from what i understand if you have version 805xxx this does'nt work either which is why i have'nt applied it.
  14. awoo87

    Label Creator

    Hi Go to the print screen click on preferences then fine tune.
  15. awoo87

    Pc-cillin Conflict?

    G'day Robert I've got PC-cillin Internet Security 2005 on my system and had no problems at all. Just remember if you do go ahead with EMC 8 before you install disconnect from the internet turn off PC-cillin Internet Security 2005 and defrag your harddrive then go ahead with the install.
  16. awoo87

    No Flames, But It Works Good For Me.

    To cold for me Bruce it was a pleasent 27C (81F) here today ideal beer drinking weather.
  17. awoo87

    Back To Basics

    May also help if you go to the general disscusion board and download the pdf manual.
  18. awoo87

    Picture Resize

    Hi The only thing i can find is if you right click the frame then click on aspect ratio handling then choose fill frame.
  19. awoo87

    2 Divx Files To 1 Dvd-r, How Long?

    Yes it opens disc copier the same.
  20. awoo87

    2 Divx Files To 1 Dvd-r, How Long?

    Hi Must be one of the differences in the european to U.S. versions.
  21. awoo87


    Hi Great find i just tried what you are suggesting and it worked great. I used collage 2x2 & extreme 2x2 produced each one as a video file in mpeg-2 DVD better quality then saved it as a (*dmss) file imported each one in to videowave saved it then sent it to My DVD made a quick menu with a play all and chapter buttons burnt it to disc and it played great on the tv. Thanks again for the idea thats what makes these boards so good people with different ideas on how to go about things.
  22. awoo87

    Poll For "live Chat Option On Board?"

    Hi guys Just voted yes I think it would be a great idea i had Patrick on live chat the other weekend trying to sort out Liveshare. Anyone heard if he had a good time at macworld?
  23. awoo87

    Question For The Guru's

    Hi Try the driver off the Dell site i just checked and your card is listed. I'm pretty sure you need to use the driver from Dell. I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.
  24. awoo87

    Mydvd Causes Pc To Reboot When Adding Video

    Hi Guys Just to add to the info pool I just tried it on mine as well added 5 clips with no problem but my card is a PCIe x16 ATI x300se and I'm running 801B16A ENU build which I believe is the build for europe even though I'm way down in Australia.
  25. awoo87

    Live Share

    Hi Open media manager go to tools and select manage my Liveshares.