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  1. I have been using a program to convert PP programs to video for some time now and it works great with Roxio's Videowave program.

    Just do a search for "PPT to VIDEO" and you will find several programs to do what you want. Several of them have a free trial period

    so you can try it.




    Hi Frank,

    Powerpoint 2010 also allows you to create a video file as per the screen shot.

    post-175-019860800 1328734617.jpg

  2. Hi All,


    Just a bit of info for anybody thats at studying at university or TAFE you can get Windows 7 Pro upgrade for $49.95 Aus


    also office ultimate 2007 for $75.00 Aus (duel lic desktop & laptop) just click on the flag icon up in the right hand corner


    for your region.


    Anyway here's the URL http://www.microsoft.com/student/discounts....aspx?cid=ogaau


    If that does'nt work just Google It's Not Cheating.

  3. I can open at least 50 at one time in either v9 or v10 if they have been resized down for the web. Large images from the camera though, I can add 10 images at once, then have to add more a few at a time.


    Your right Karri i can add 60mb then i get the message.

  4. Actually I tried that earlier today. In general, EMC10 is running better than before however it didn't help the Label Creator problem. I'm thinking I might be missing a linkage/reference file of some sort in Label Creator's main directory. Excluding subfolders, I'm showing eleven ".dll" files and two ".exe" files. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to check their installation and let me know your file count and also if there are any file extension types other than .dll and .exe




    Mine shows the same plus 4 folders named backgrounds,page files,skin and themes.

  5. I just had my car converted to LPG and got a $2000.00 rebate from the Aust. government.

    The price of LPG is 69 cents per litre(AUS $2.60/US Gal compared to $1.50 per litre for petrol. (AUS $5.67/US Gal)

    I also get around $1200.00 each year for the kids after I've filed my tax return.

    First home buyers get about $7500.00 from the government when they buy their first house.

    We also have a baby bonus of $3000.00 every time you have a baby.

  6. Good old dumb question...


    How do I restore my audio track to full width (showing the waveform of the audio, same width as video track)?


    I somehow shrunk it to the width of the overlays and FX and such.






    Just above the video track click on the edit volume envelope for audio objects icon looks like two lines at 90 degs to each other with a green circle.

  7. Hey y'all,


    Is there a way to take a still image and resize it with a zoom OUT on it in Videowave?


    I have some family photos for a project which were shot poorly, cutting off some hair on faces, and once put into NTSC, the underscan will cut them off more!


    Any suggestions?






    Check out the top pinned item in the EMC 9 Tips & Tricks heres the link http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=31005

  8. Alan,


    Your daughter will definitely love it!


    I did one for my daughter's sweet 16th two years ago and everyone in the party enjoyed watching it. I included pictures and videos since she was one year old. Also I videotaped a couple of her school teachers greeting her. And to top it, a video of her school choir singing the birthday song. All recorded secretly during school days. She was surprised how I managed to do the recording in school. LOL!!!


    Youve given me some great ideas for my project, i can see much embarrassment on the night :lol::lol:


    Also heres a small peice of the captured footage.

    Been converted to Div-x





  9. Thanks for posting that, Alan. How does the captured video look?


    The footage of the racecar that was taken by the local TV station and recorded off the TV looks and sounds great, but the footage taken

    on a freinds handycam is a bit grainy but i think thats due to degredation of the original it's about 15 or so years old.

    Also the footage of my daughters first dance class came out great also again that was taken by a pro.

    Can't wait for her 18th birthday party when she sees the project I'm putting together for the party :lol: