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  1. Yeah, I had tried that one before too. Did it again just to make sure I had not missed anything the last time. Same result, 1402. I have to say I am hooked for the moment on how to get this solved. I will probably do something useful like make the machine unbootable in the process but then again I might just wrestle it to the ground. Anybody giving odds?
  2. But John do you have any suggestions as to how to get around this problem? Why does it happen on some machines and not others? And what about the roxclsid key? Any idea as to what that is about?
  3. Open software? Good luck with your return. If they do give anything back, even just store credit, please post as in my experience that is unheard of.
  4. I thought I had given up but I was back in the registry, after having used roxio's emc9 removal program. And I found a key, roxclsid, in hkey_classes_root that cannot be opened or even looked at even though I am the administrator on this XP computer. Anybody know anything about this? Since the 1402 error is a permissions error this looks pretty interesting to me.
  5. Well no, I don't think they are trying to *^$$ anyone off and I don't think anything in the post suggested I thought so. We probably aren't going to agree on this one. you are right Roxio pays for this, so you have to think they get something out of it, right? Aside from getting a host of unpaid support technicians fixing their product I think another thing they get from it is a kind of customer satisfaction survey. You can be sure they spend money on other such surveys and if they don't check these forums from that standpoint then I really do think they are foolish. But I don't think that and that is why I think they need to know when people are dissatisfied enough with their product, after investing money and time in it, to go to a competitor's product. So I firmly disagree that by paying for this Roxio somehow should be immunized from hearing the ultimate record of dissatisfaction with this product, whatever the reason. By the way I do hope life is ok down there in NO.
  6. Ok. I get it. Some content is not permitted. Nice. But don't you think that a new thread dealing with the 1402 is going to look a lot like Mr. Foley's? How else is Roxio going to know that some people are choosing other products because of this problem? Ultimately I would hope that enough declared defections will get someone from Roxio to post a fix. I mean I posted a bunch of questions that only a Roxio tech would likely know the answer to and the answers to said questions would certainly help us get up and running. No answer to date to any of them, either from users or tech support. So by my way of thinking Mr. Foley's perceived transgression might actually be part of a solution. Meanwhile I sit here with broken software wondering how shutting down the discussion will help fix it.
  7. Just finished reading Steve Foley's saga confronting the same error I have with EMC 9, the 1402 error. I tried to post a response and found the topic LOCKED! Now that truly is corrupt. Mr. Foley was understandably pretty steamed but does that mean the rest of us can't keep the thread going, trying to work through the problem? Who shuts down discussion on this forum and by what criteria? These forums seem to have precious little input from Roxio, i.e. we are fixing their problems for them. The only way we will succeed is if the forums stay open. So open it up or shut this thread down too.
  8. Steve, Note that I have tried disabling mcafee and other stuff, all to no avail. I have given up although I will continue to monitor this thread just to see if there is ever a solution figured out. Good luck everyone, either in installing or getting your money back.
  9. that too is something I considered so I disabled my anti-virus software and firewall, both McAfee. But even so how would a program like that override admin privileges? Also is there anyone from Roxio out there checking these forums who knows what keys they are trying write to during installation? The error message that starts this thread is pretty specific as to what the installation is doing at the time of failure so someone at Roxio ought to have some idea of what Roxio is wanting to do and thus what other program/process would logically be in the way. Finally is there some way to creat a log of every step of the install process so that this could be looked at to maybe resolve the question?
  10. Sorry if I sound a little peeved here but I would think that someone who had done all that I have done would be assumed to be able to read and understand the system minimum requirements. Yes I do meet them. Other than that, anybody have any other suggestions other than use Nero instead of Roxio?
  11. Well this problem persists for some of us. I have tried to install about 6 times now. I have been in and out of the registry following these and other instructions. I have scrupulously uninstalled what did get installed of cd creator 9. I have done the same with my old cd creator 5. (Which by the way does not easily uninstall. Shame on Roxio for trying to keep their software on someone's computer when they don't want it there). I have even uninstalled and reinstalled sp2. Are there any new tips out there for installing this software?