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    Toast 8.0.3 Breaks Apple's Dock in Leopard

    It happens on my Mac Mini under Leopard 10.5.1 and now I just run Activity Monitor each time I get the issue, then quit Dock from there (regular quit, you don't have to force quit). It restarts itself and everything is fine until the next time it gets mucked up.
  2. Atlantic

    Toast 8.0.3 Breaks Apple's Dock in Leopard

    Try this discussion on Apple's pages, too: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6114910
  3. Atlantic

    Toast 8.0.3 Breaks Apple's Dock in Leopard

    There is an Apple knowledgebase article about this, though it talks about the Finder not fully loading. People have said that this will fix the issue of icons disappearing from their dock. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=307000 It fixed my MacMini running Toast 8 when I carried this operation out when the icons were intermittently disappearing from the dock (which only a restart would help otherwise).
  4. Atlantic

    Unexpectedly Quit while burning

    I now think the problem is due to me trying to create one disc image after having created a previous one (or two) without quitting Toast first. Now, I save the file, then try to save as a disc image, and if it quits, I can get the settings back again (except for the ones that don't save when you save, such as the background picture for the menus). If I quit after each disc image is burned, I don't seem to have the problem. It is a nuisance since you don't know how much space will be used on a DVD until it is encoded (the indicator is not reliable) and I am often swapping recordings from EyeTV around to fit things on without re-encoding them to keep better quality (they are all digital recordings, and almost everything is in 16:9 anamorphic). Can other people reproduce this? I have swapped my version of Toast around three different Macs and they all exhibit it, including PowerPC, Intel, Tiger and Leopard. It also happens in Popcorn, though that is much more of a nuisance since you can't save any settings.
  5. Atlantic

    Where are my subtitles?

    I am not sure now which subtitle types are working and which are not. With subtitles recorded with EyeTV via a digital source (not with EyeTV encoding them itself) in Europe, an export from EyeTV will keep the subtitles. Once I have passed that source through Toast, I lose the subtitles. Which subtitles are you able to view still, and where? If the subtitles that are recorded are actually burned into the original image, these will export since it is part of the image. If they are a separate subtitle track, I haven't tried exporting these to my iPod, either using Toast or direct from EyeTV. iPods should be able to display "closed captioning" (the US version of subtitles) though it may only be able to do this on an external screen (set Captions to Display as On). MPEG-4 does have a text track. The question is, how do you get the subtitles to go to the text track in MPEG-4, and even then, is that the track that the iPod will use to show them, and will it show on the standard screen, or does it need an external one, or does it need a special US-style closed captions track, or will it work with a European one? From regular use, I know that Toast normally just ignores separate subtitle tracks in Europe, unless it is working out how much space it will use, in which case it includes them in the calculation, then discards it anyway (meaning the predicted space is less accurate). You could try taking the subtitle track and then burning it into the image, then export it to iPod. As far as I know, Toast couldn't do this for you, though I think that Final Cut could do this for you (bit of a big hammer to crack a nut, though). I know that VLC can display them, but I have never tried hard burning them into the video file. You could try Handbrake, since that is open source and does convert DVD to MPEG-4, so it may be able to do the job. It would miss out Toast altogether, but if you are using Toast to convert from EyeTV to iPod there are too many steps there anyway - EyeTV should be able to do it directly. If you want it to add in subtitles, they are in the wrong format and Toast is ignoring them, so that, unfortunately, won't help you either. Let us know if Handbrake does anything for you.
  6. Atlantic

    Jerky video is fixed in 8.0.3

    The mono sound track is one that is now in most UK broadcasts of digital terrestrial television. It is a track that tells people with visual impairment what is happening on the screen if the other track is quiet. The track may be silent for the majority of some TV programmes, so it will seem like it is a blank track, but it always appears to be in mono. I don't know what was happening when I first upgraded, but Toast now seems to be picking up the correct audio tracks (though I haven't changed anything).
  7. Atlantic

    Burning DVDs

    I have files that do the same in Toast 8, and I believe this has been reported by others, too. All video recorded from Film 4 in the UK via digital terrestrial that is in standard DVD format is always re-encoded since Toast (from some reason that no-one has explained that I can find) assumes that this is not DVD standard. Most other digital broadcasts are put through without re-encoding, though. I think that Roxio are aware of it, but watch this space to see if they bring out a fix for it in a later Toast upgrade.
  8. Atlantic

    Where are my subtitles?

    Aha, I assume you are based in Europe, so like the rest of us Europeans, we have this great description of subtitles being picked up by Toast, but they actually mean that only subtitles using US standards (closed captioning) are picked up. Even though software like VLC can quite happily process European subtitle files, and they are in the MPEG stream, and DVD players can pick them up, Roxio quite happily dismiss them as something that doesn't really count.
  9. Atlantic

    How do I know when dvd is full?

    It is particularly frustrating when you are using video files that do not need encoding but Toast still overestimates the space required. If you have to go through a burn to disc image and then check, with files that do need encoding, then the time to check space usage is not fun. Toast seems to include subtitle files (that it can't even use - such as on European standard subtitle files from standard TV broadcasts, including digital broadcasts) and multiple language tracks that it will automatically discard as part of the space requirement, which seems a little daft. I can put, in some cases, 6GB of data onto a video DVD (according to Toast) and still get a disc image that fits on a single layer.
  10. Atlantic

    Toast 8.0.3 in 10.5.1 leaking memory when multiplexing?

    Toast 8 has always crashed for me if I try to burn multiple disc images without quitting Toast first. Sometimes it will manage two images, sometimes only one, but it is reproducible up to 8.0.3 (and also in Popcorn, including its latest update). I normally drag in video from EyeTV (not using the media selector in Toast, though, just by dragging) though it also happens if I take folders from existing images and add them again (by mounting the disc image and dragging the video files into a new video DVD image). I assumed it was some kind of memory leak issue, but have now taken to quitting Toast after each encode and then starting it again. I never burn with an encode after I got too many coasters, so now I only burn disc images and then burn those (much less unreliable). Does anyone know if Roxio have acknowledged this issue?
  11. Atlantic

    Toast 8.0.3 new Language Bug

    The latest 8.0.3 is supposed to fix a language bug that I had found annoying. Toast would select a mono commentary track instead of the correct language stereo track when I put videos into it from EyeTV. 8.0.3 appeared to pick up the stereo track automatically when I dragged videos on to it, but once burned, it hadn't always picked up the stereo track (even though it said it had). When I went back to create the disc again and tried selecting the correct audio tracks, the pull-down menu that shows the track options would have either both as stereo or both as mono, so it is difficult to select which one is which. I had to burn a disc image, open it, mount it, open DVD player and check each track to see which audio it had picked up before burning. Does anyone know how to check exactly which track it has without doing this? I haven't had much chance to check it all yet, but it could be that once you double-click a track, it sets the audio correctly, though I am not sure. One disc with 17 video tracks on it worked fine first time (with video that was always wrong before) but the ones with only two or three tracks didn't seem to.
  12. Atlantic

    HELP! Staggered playback

    I would try upgrading to Toast 8.0.3, since this is a known issue in all earlier versions of Toast 8 (skipping or jerky video issue). If you try that, it should resolve the issue. I assume you were playing the DVD in a regular DVD player instead of your Mac? It will not show up in some DVD players but will in others.
  13. Atlantic

    Jerky video is fixed in 8.0.3

    I have finished checking, and my PAL MPEG-2 720x576, 25fps video encodes without the jerking or juddering in 8.0.3 and there is no need to export it first. The issue it has thrown up is that the language "fix" that appeared to have picked up the correct language tracks for each video (most video is broadcast in the UK with a mono commentary track and the actual video track in stereo, so I had to go and swap all the mono for stereo tracks where it had picked up the wrong one) so I merrily burned the DVD to find that it had said it had the stereo track but had actually still picked up the mono one (wrong language). When I went to adjust them, the pull-down menu to select the audio track showed both tracks as the same (both stereo english) and when you switched to the "other" track, it would show them both as mono, even though the stereo one was selected. This is going to be a real pain to select audio tracks or spot when they are wrong. At least we have fixed the skipping problem...
  14. Atlantic

    Jerky video is fixed in 8.0.3

    I tried the workaround of exporting the video from EyeTV then importing it into Toast in the old version. I haven't tried it in this version yet. I know that Popcorn was fixed, so I am hoping Toast is too, now. Popcorn's crashing was no good since you couldn't save your disc settings before it crashed. At least with Toast, when it crashes, you can get your (sometimes complex) disc settings back again. I'll try the new version with my PAL EyeTV files in anamorphic, since it was guaranteed that these would always skip.
  15. Atlantic

    Help troubleshoot the jumpy video problem

    It looks like it was, since Popcorn 3 no longer exhibits this problem when encoding identical source files. Don't bother upgrading without checking the detail, since Popcorn 3 is not fully stable (in a similar way to Toast 8) and since there is no way to save any settings when creating a disc, if it falls over during the creation of a disc image, you lose all your settings for that DVD. They haven't yet incorporated the change into any further version of Toast 8, though, and given the focus on Popcorn, the chances are you may have to wait until Toast 9...