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    Toast 10 - Any "jam" Improvments?

    I read through the press release and the info. on this site, but don't see any mention of what used to be "Jam" that got integrated into Toast. Anyone know if there where any changes made, and if so, which? Thanks!
  2. in2insight

    Issues with "Jam" features on Toast 8?

    Thanks. Not sure how to make Roxio aware of this, in case they are not...
  3. in2insight

    Issues with "Jam" features on Toast 8?

    Hi, First one, is that it's now two clicks to get to custom, no big deal, but in Jam 6 hitting the crossfade button got you there in one... The one that is an issue is this: Once you apply the crossfades, the total time for the disc (or project) does not change. This worked in Jam 6. So, if the total time before fades was 60 min, and there are 10 tracks that I applyed a 6 sec. crossfade to each, the total time still shows as 60 min, where in Jam 6, it would now show as 59 min... As a fitness instroctor, this is a big deal... Yes, I know I could still use Jam 6, but would like to clean up my hard drive some... Any ideas on how to fix these, or if they are "bugs"? Thanks, Dorian
  4. in2insight

    Grace Period Upgrade

    Don't hold your breath. Just call inside sales and if they don't know that you are talking about, ask to speak to a supervisor, mention the "Grace Period Upgrade". They will take your money and email you a link. The mods are here to keep us in line....
  5. in2insight

    Grace Period Upgrade

    At long last, and after a few road blocks, Roxio did the right thing and is offering a Grace Period Upgrade. It could have been smoother, for sure, but at least the folks at the top floor paid attention to us. Thanks, and a big thanks to the kind supervisor in inside sales. If it were not for her good humor and assistance, I would have droped Roxio like a hot potatoe. Dorian
  6. in2insight

    What if I purchased v7 two weeks ago?

    Well, one business day later, and nothing from Roxio about the upgrade. Sad, but true. Have a great weekend. Dorian
  7. in2insight

    What if I purchased v7 two weeks ago?

    Thanks! (I sent you a PM yesterday)
  8. in2insight

    What if I purchased v7 two weeks ago?

    Can you give us a time frame once we PM you? Thanks, Dorian
  9. in2insight

    What if I purchased v7 two weeks ago?

    Good luck, as both rebates requre the ORIGINAL UPC barcode....
  10. in2insight


    If it's like Jam 6, 15 sec. cross fade would be: 00:15:00 Cheers, Dorian
  11. in2insight

    Grace Period Upgrade

    The point is not about being forced to upgrade, but rather this: Is it fair to charge the same upgrade price to those who purchased the software 12 months ago, as those how purchaded it 12 days ago? Even Apple, the most profit driven software company, allows a Grace Period Upgrade on their software.
  12. in2insight

    Grace Period Upgrade

    I keep seeing folks from Roxio logged on the board, but no word from them on this issue. Perhaps when you are the only kid in town, you can make up your own rules and be the bully too... Of course, once other kids move in, and Roxiom they will, we will not forget how we were treated by you. Time to play nice with us, your customers, the people who pay your bills.
  13. in2insight

    Grace Period Upgrade

    For those of us who just got V.7 less than 30 days ago, please call inside sales. Roxio is still thinking about it, but the more they hear from us, perhaps it will help them make the right customer service choice? Thanks, Dorian
  14. in2insight

    Upgrade Pricing for Toast 8

    I thought Roxio had a 30 day money back deal? Since these were made within the last 30 days, way do we have to deal with Amazon? Thanks, Dorian
  15. in2insight

    Toast 8

    Hi, I did call sales, and asked about the Grace Period upgrade, and they said they had no idea... Any ideas? Thanks, Dorian