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  1. Every time I try to take a TV show that was moved from my TiVo to iTunes it stops the conversion short at 29:45. I have plenty of other programs that are longer than 30 mins, and others at multiple hours, I know it isn't an OS limitation.


    Export settings of : Apple TV/iPhone/iPad all have the same results with the destination of iTunes.

    Any ideas? (searches inside this site and outside have been fruitless)

  2. If you went to MacWorld you didn't need to have an old version to get a special $30 discount according to the email I got a few days ago.


    The current instant discount for prior users (v.7 at least) is $40 (selling at $59.99) as an introductory discount for a limited time.


    That is a little better, not great by any means, and almost as bad as their volume pricing which is why we no longer use it in our classrooms.

  3. I too think that only $10 off what ANY other new user can get just by finding an image of the CD can receive is a joke! Right now the only reason I'm even thinking about T8 is for the improved audio editing and the ability to make Mac/Windows friendly burns.


    Loyalty discount should be more than $10!! (what they call a $30 discount)