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  1. I just upgraded from Toast 11 Titanium to 12 Titanium . I needed to burn a BluRay disc and instead of just paying for the BD plugin at $20, I thought I'd go for the upgrade to 12 for $60 because the website says:


    Burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs & custom DVD compilations


    I assumed that meant it would burn BD without the plugin, but NO!! I still have to purchase the BD plugin to make 12 work. Had I known that, I would've stayed with 11 since none of the other functions in 12 make a difference to me.


    It would be great if Roxio made the plugin requirement a little more obvious on the description page.



    OK.... I feel beter now.

  2. I've got a bunch of JAM disc images created 3 or 4 years ago that I need to reopen and burn. In some cases, they were also saved as Sd2f files. Regardless, after this many years they are unreadable! The ONLY way to get to the data is by opening them as RAW AUDIO in a program like DSP Quattro, then resaving as a WAV file, and reload into soundBlade for new track marks.


    I also used to be able to drag these JAM files into Toast, revealling the complete playlist and PQ code, but Toast 11 won't see them either.


    It seems that only the header information of these files is damaged. Is there any way I can open the header info and check? I have also tried changing the creator codes, but that doesn't help.


    Funny thing is, I have all of these files on multiple drives as well as a Retrospect backup archive, and NOTHING works. Thanks for the help...

  3. Is the current version of Jam compatible with Leopard? If not will Roxio add a feature to Toast to allow the opening of Jam docs in Toast?


    Have you looked at Sonic Studios' soundBlade or PMCD? It's the 'original' Sonic Solutions' editing paradigm built to use Apple Core Audio as I/O. It may, very well, open you JAM playlists as it does have the capability to SAVE AS a JAM image.


    Info at www.sonicstudio.com/

  4. Is this app (Toast 8) a replacement for Jam 6? From the screen shots I've seen, it looks like it has the exact same functionality....


    Will there ever be a standalone version of Jam, such as in the past?







    I just tried to use it this evening drag-dropping SD2 files (actually, left channel only, which JAM recognizes) and Toast 8 saw it as a single file, NOT a stereo pair.


    If I were you, I'd KEEP JAM. I am....

  5. can you define what you mean by doesn't boot? :) What exactly happens, I have it on my 1.66 GHz Core Duo mini without issue.


    Either double-clicking on the app itself or click on the app in the dock does nothing... doesn't startup. Version 7 and JAM both work fine. Nothing strange on this machine at all... it's been kept very lean on purpose.


    I've repaired permissions and all the typical fixes. Nothing changes.


    All the accessory apps startup but can't see that Toast 8 has been authorized, so they quit. Removing prefs file doesn't change anything either.


    Thanks for the reply...