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  1. philr

    Update To 11.0.4 Fails

    Try doing the update from within the Toast Application. That works OK.
  2. philr

    Toast 11 -Dog Slow-

    I guess that answers that then. The strange thing is my USB external is quite a low-tech device - generic enclosure and an ASUS mechanism. The burn speed on the internal pretty makes Toast 11 not usable. Thanks for your reply. Guess it's back to the drawing board for Roxio.
  3. philr

    Toast 11 -Dog Slow-

    It's a strange one. If I use an external USB burner the burn speeds are fine - with the exception that Toast 11 reports incorrect finish times for the burn. Internal burn speeds are hopeless - same as others have reported. I notice that people using firewire externals are getting the same slow speeds as the internal burner.Perhaps if anybody has got an external firewire/USB they may like to test their USB?
  4. philr

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    This expiry warning is real too. Try setting your System clock forward a month and see what happens - no Toast for you.
  5. philr

    Toast 10 Titanium version 10.0.6

    I've just spotted a few eyeball openers; Drop a few 'readme.txt' files on the Desktop and then either use the 'Services' menu or drop them on the Toast icon to send them to Toast. Toast 10.06 tries to import each readme as a video file. Now - something different get at least 2 .dmg files and drop them on Toast. This one is interesting as Toast opens and adds the files to a data disc (as it should). It then adds nearly 4.1 Mb of other files to your disc. I'm pretty sure that this didn't happen before?