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  1. I used to be able to drag and drop all of the songs from an iTunes playlist into an Audio window in Toast 17 and earlier so that I could normalize the tracks before burning a CD. Doing so using Toast 18 Pro causes it to crash. However, I can use Show In Finder in the Music app (I'm running MacOS 10.15 Catalina) and drag each song one at a time from the Finder into Toast without it crashing.
  2. dreimiller

    Unable To Install Toast 11 Titanium

    Ivan, I think that KB article is a little misleading. I, too, had the lack of permissions problem after installing Toast 11 Titanium. However, I tried it from both of the user accounts on my iMac and both installations had the same problem. Both of those users accounts had administrative rights. However, neither of them had a User ID of 501, which is what I think the installer was assuming it would be installed from. The two administrative accounts that I installed from had User IDs of 502 and 503. After running the utility linked in the KB article the installation was fixed. -Mike
  3. dreimiller

    Converting Pal Dvd To Ntsc

    Thanks. That worked. Unfortunately, it still doesn't preserve the DVD menus. Maybe there's no way to preserve them.
  4. dreimiller

    Converting Pal Dvd To Ntsc

    I have been trying to convert an unencrypted PAL format DVD into NTSC format. I copied the original PAL DVD to my desktop. Because I did not want to duplicate the original format of the DVD, I dragged the original VOB files into Toast 7's video pane. I then tried to save as a disc image - Toast asked if I wanted to burn as PAL or convert to NTSC. I clicked on convert and waited... only to receive an error message hours later that Toast could not find a necessary audio file. A quick look in Toast's temporary file folder ""Roxio Converted Items"" revealed m2v files, but no audio. So then I used MPEG Streamclip and made a Pal M2V and audio file (which is what I would expect Toast to be doing in addition to converting to NTSC in the same pass). Then I put that into Toast, it asked to convert to NTSC, I said yes, and it went fine. Is there a better way for me to convert PAL video to NTSC within Toast? Furthermore, is Toast capable of preserving menus and chapter markers when converting a PAL DVD to NTSC? I'm using Toast 7.0.2, Mac OS X 10.4.4 and QuickTime 7.0.4.